Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Working-class Jews II: I wanted to explore this issue a little further since income is one thing, but it does not tell us what kind of work people are doing. So I found a question on the same survey asking if you have to lift heavy things at work. Here are the results (in percentages):

Protestants 48.6
Catholics 42.6
Jews 14.3
No religion 47.0

I suppose you can read these numbers either way: the stereotype is generally true, but 1 out of 7 Jews has to schlep heavy stuff on the job.


  1. Jews tend to be shorter and smaller than gentiles. I would expect that they would avoid jobs which require physical strength.

    The first post about the demographics of Jews was interesting for another reason. Anecdotically, I suspect the Jews have twin births more often than gentiles. Any data on whether this is true?

  2. In an Israeli study, the twinning rate was 9.5/1,000 women delivered. In another study, the rate for whites in general was 10.0. By the way, it was 13.2 for blacks, 10.2 for Native Americans, 10.6 for Pacific Islanders, 7.2 for Asians, with Cambodians being the highest Asian group with 8.6.

    (Both studies are from PubMed).

  3. Hard to believe that such a large number of Americans are moving heavy stuff at work. Isn't that supposed to be what we have illegal aliens for ?

  4. Ummm ... no ... that's what Jews have illegal immigrants for, obviously.


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