Sunday, April 16, 2006

Wicked WASPs: Now that we have all done our tax returns (well most of us, anyway) let me ask how many of you cheated on them? Come on now, be honest. The General Social Survey tells us that groups of people differ on whether it is acceptable to falsify returns. Here is the percentage who say it is okay (listed from worst to best):

Puerto Ricans 32.1
Blacks 26.4
Italians 23.4
Jews 22.9
Irish 18.1
Germans 16.4
Mexicans 14.6
Scots 13.1
English 9.7

Amazing how these numbers match up perfectly with Hollywood's perennial storyline of the wicked WASP and the angelic minority.


  1. "Now that we have all done our tax returns"

    Who is this "we" you're talking about? I've still got 28 hours to file for an extension!

  2. I do find the remarkably low Mexican number worth noting. Statistics like this increase my confidence that the battle is not lost yet, we still can expect to successfully assimilate these guys if we make the right policy choices going forward despite the magnitude of the existing problem.

  3. Interesting point.

    This page shows that while Hispanics are overrepresented among felony defendants for most crimes, their numbers are only a bit high for forgery and fraud:


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