Monday, April 17, 2006

Red States are great places to live(#1): To many of the country's elites, America's heartland is just a nuisance that makes their coast-to-coast flights much longer. And it's understandable why Bill Maher doesn't like Salt Lake City--it's not so easy to find a hooker and some blow there. But then again, as much a Bill goes in for mindless sex with strangers, he might want to think about Utah because almost nobody there is HIV positive.

According to data from (thanks to Steve Sailer for bringing this rich source of data to my attention) the correlation between the percent of the state voting for Bush in 2004 and the rate of new HIV cases was -.49. In plain langauge, living in a Red State lowers your risk of contracting the disease considerably. For example, 63% of North Dakotans voted for Bush. And how many people's HIV tests came back positive in the state in 2001? One whole person.


  1. You mean to say that people with high-risk behavior disproportionately live in blue states.

  2. Right, and it might be that living in those states increases high-risk behavior.


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