Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Do black men prefer white women?

Here's the second set I promised. A reader suggested that the first set tends to be older, and it is among younger blacks where you see this preference for whites being realized. Fortunately, this set happens to be younger, and the girls are indeed lighter. I don't know that I am yet convinced of a clear preference for whites, but there is an unmistakable preference for light-skinned women with non-African features.


  1. Actors; Taye Diggs, Derek Luke and Terence Howard have white wives

    Dave Chappelle's wife is Asian.

    Wesley Snipes is dating or married to an Asian

    Among Sports Stars:
    Blacks; Tim Duncan, Richard Jefferson, Paul Pierce, and Freddy Adu all have white wives and Kobe Bryant's wife is Latina I think

    Mulattos; Derek Jeter, Tony Parker, Jason Kidd, Mike Bibby, Shane Battier are all with non-blacks. Tiger Woods' wife is white

    Singer Seal is married to Heidi Klum

  2. Thanks for all the info--it's great. All these instances of Asian and Latina girlfriends/wivies makes me think that what black men are attracted to is non-blacks. And we have to consider personality as well as looks. Earlier, a reader suggested that black men like a non-black woman who has black "attitude" but it might be that black men want the more passive women found in other races.

  3. Ron:

    I have seen interviews and read websites where many black men say that they want a more passive woman, so they opt for the non-black.

    Although I must say that Puerto Rican women (for all purposes Mulattas) are known for having "attitude" as well

  4. As I wrote in the other post Tiger woods and Kofi Annan have scandinavian wifes.

  5. Yes I agree. Black men may or may not prefer white women, but they most certainly prefer lighter skin women with caucasian features.

    As far as passivity, the example I gave earlier certainly doesn't apply for most black men. I believe that most black men prefer a more passive partner (compared to traditional black american women), but that doesn't mean that all white/asian women are doormats and all black women are finger-snapping-divas with an attitude.

    What does everyone think? Would black men prefer a much more attractive white/asian women with an attitude or a more subdued, less attractive black women?

    I'll bet on the the aggressive white woman. I think the physical features trump the personality--generally speaking. And you'll definately find more passive white/asian women than black women.

  6. Tyler:

    I would say the aggressive white woman even though many black men say that they go to non-black women because they are more ... "cooperative" may be a better word.

    I still tend to think that it is mostly about looks though. The Caucasian features are preferred

  7. Plenty of white men are attracted to black women. It seems common conventional wisdom that many people are attracted to what they ain't.

    Go to a strip club sometime, and you will see white guys getting lap dances from black women, Mexicans from white, blacks from whites and latinas, and the waiting list will be longest for the Asian dancers.

    On some evolutionary level the individual set of genes strives to achieve some sort of hybrid vigor. I imagine this will be proven at some point through research.

    I further suspect it's men that drive it, in that men are more "susceptible" to the charms of a woman of another race than women are to the males of a different race. Of course, it takes two to tango, I suspect the male initiates the courtship as they usually do in same race relationships.

    I suspect the hybrid vigor impulse manifests even in Anglo-Anglo relationships - for example, I am of Irish (supposedly so-called "Black" Irish)-French American descent, my wife is of Dutch-German. I'm fairly dark complected with brown eyes and hair, she is pale-complected blonde with green eyes. All her past boyfriends were dark-haired, dark-eyed; my most serious relationships before marriage were with blondes and in one case a Vietnamese-American, the only brunette I ever dated.

    It would be interesting for someone to try to quantify this stuff, for all I know they have.

  8. Cynthia McKinney's hair came up as an issue and I mentioned that her hair is not "professional"

    Well, some black guy got offended and I told him that this is the fact. I see some black woman with her hair all over her head and it appears to be a form of "rebellion" to me and I think most whites feel the same. Given equal qualification most will hire a black woman with permed hair over a black woman with one of those "soul sister" hair dos

    They did not like it when I said that white men in corporate america do not want some loud mouth "soul sister' around making trouble. And one look at one of these women's hair gives me that impression. I wanted to know if any of the rest of you get that impression when you see a black woman with a small afro or something that looks unstyled

    I also mentioned that Clinton's 1992 rebuke of Sista Soulja was a stroke of political genius because he was a white guy standing up to one of those "loud mouths"

  9. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Have u ever hear of the term "falling in love". Yeah u see it's this term used to descriped a feeling that a person has towards another. Meaning more often then not a person falls in love with someone for themselves and their personalities regardless of race and lookss....Dough....they see the person that they are before the race. If u find yourself seeing the race first, then your on the same level as a racist.

  10. Anonymous7:20 AM

    I like what the last writer said about "falling in love". :)

    ...Growing up in the 80's, I noticed a great divide amongst blacks. I remember talks of "light skin", "pretty eyes" and "good hair". I saw preferences given to those who fit those groups and for awhile, I struggled with my own shade of color.

    I always thought it was unfortunate that people were so superficial as to focus purely on a person's physical attributes. Luckily, my parents instilled in me that beauty comes in all colors, shapes and sizes and can be seen all over the world. Most importantly, I learned that personality is key.

    A stunningly beautiful woman (of any race) can open her mouth and what come out can be so repulsive that she is no longer beautiful. I don't believe in ugly faces or bodies. I believe in ugly personalities.

    When one is confident in his/her own attributes, no one can set them apart from the whole.

    Racism is alive and well and, some people do date exclusively outside of their race. I just hope that people will one day be open to the truth that the beauty in themselves is a reflection of the same beauty they find in others no matter their shape, size or color.

    Bottom line: People need to first, nuture and love themselves inside and out, sincerely.

    ~female, 29, Michigan

  11. Anonymous4:48 PM

    You know what, people should stay true to their races. Af far as attitudes and personality goes people of the same race will always find other people of their race who fit their criteria e.g. black men who want passive women WILL find passive black women, but only if they give them a chance and with some research. DUH u don't have to cross racial borders, you know why? Have you ever seen a mixed race of monkey-chmps-tiger or any other animal that actually can procreate?? NO why?? because evrerything in nature is carefully calculated and categorized. AND GOING AGAINST THE NATURE IS PURE STUPIDITY. Get it?? In case of all of us being humans we have different race in them too cro magnons, homo saphiens, neanderthal, etc. Every race is unique, SO ENJOY THAT UNIQUENESS rather than desroying it. HOW DIFFICULT IS THAT ??

  12. Anonymous4:52 PM

    TO conclude we also Aryans, Semites, Anglo-saxon, etc that are actually different in looks. In fact most sout-east asian look different too. Japanese and Chinese, etc. DON'T UPSET THE CIRCLE OF NATURE FOR YOU OWN SELFISH ENDS!!!Humans are good at that that why we have global warming. Thus, I rest my case.

  13. Anonymous2:48 PM

    what ever! you like who you like and you love who you love!!!... in society being gay is wrong?!?... but of course if youre a straight male, being a lesbian is perfectly fine!! think about it.. if you fall in love, do you fall in love with their face or with their personality?? so one day youre walking down the street and you see an attractive person... are you going to say you love that person?? the world is a much bigger place if you would just look outside the box!! you just might find what youre looking for...

  14. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Negroid males prefer non-negroid females because negroid females are, by overwhelming majority, physically and behaviorally repulsive.

    You're welcome.

  15. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Confused Black men prefer white women. Real Black men, the proud ones who actually love themselves and desire their children to look like them and not like another race (example light skin and "good" hair), prefer Black women. I prefer concious Black men to dumb white-worshipping "yes massa" negroes.

    I cannot stand the confused, self-loathing, black women-reviling Black men. They are the ones that hate Black features, hair, and basically themselves. They think that White women are "better". They are not proud to be Black in fact they are secretly ashamed. They equate whiteness with God-like status. They believe everything they read and see in the media. They would rather marry a white plastic whore like Ice T did, than a self respecting Black woman. These sad "brothas" need to find some knowledge of self. Read a fucking book and learn your history. Read "From Niggas to Gods" by Akil (its on Read "The Miseducation of the Negro" (also on Amazon.) Stop contributing to the disintegration, confusion, and dis-unity of future generations. These dumb ass niggas want to escape the reality of what it means to be Black. They get no love or respect from me. Oh yeah, Im a Nigerian woman, 23 years young and many Africans cannot understand such confusion and self-hatred. See we have a sense of culture and pride that is missing from American Blacks. Actually i can understand where it all began, the racist White western empire planted those seeds of self-hatred during our enslavement and we dumb ass niggas (cuz thats what we have become) continue the cycle. Stupid Negroes, they are everywhere these days. Marcus Garvey would roll over in his grave if he saw this mental enslavement in our community today.

  16. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Does it really matter if a black man prefers a white woman???? It seems that it is all out of black women's jealousy that is making this a big deal. There are black men that marry white women who would also marry a black women but it was prolly just hard for them to find the one who didn't have an "attitude" or were just more attracted to white women. And there are also alot of black women who prefer white men BUT IS THAT FROWNED UPON!?!?!??!?! And only the "sista" from the hood would get mad that a black man would choose a white woman over her. Many black men who are not from the "hood" and grew up in a society where they were not separated from whites might find themselves more suitable with a white woman because they are just more attracted to them because of how they look and their personalities. But are not attracted to the loud mouth soul sister from the hood who doesnt know how to make herself look good and loose the whole attitude thing she's got goin on.

  17. Anonymous2:52 PM

    i think all this talk about how black guys prefer white women is nonsense. many guys, no matter what race they are, are open towards interracial relationships and they tend to be attracted those females that also are, as simple as that.
    simply the fact that they're confident enough to date outside their race shows they're not ashamed of their color - unlike those that very consciously date inside their race to show that they are "proud" of their race and content with who they are. just because you are race conscious doesn't mean you're comfortable with your own, and vice versa.
    all individuals who are together with someone of a different race show that they are able to see past issues such as skin color, which unfortunately, is still an issue in this country to this day. despite this, interracial relationships should not be frowned upon or seen as a contribution to "the disintegration of race" - even if that's what it is, why would you NOT want that?

  18. Anonymous7:19 AM

    I am a black man and married to a white woman, that just happend and a am not ashamed of it. About peaple saying that black woman are unattractive is a big liar. Black woman are as attractive as white woman or any worman that is out there in the world. People fail to realize that white woman make themsevles attractive and black woman do not because of finacial reasons and there are not so many black products for black woman and makeup made for the black face "fact". why do you think white woman hate thier face in the morning because they are not used to see themselves without makeup "fact" I have seen it. Beuty in the white mans world is an illusion "fact" nothing more. An illusion that we have all fallen for. If you would like to test the things that I am saying ask any white woman you find to be the most attractive in your working place or any place to come to work without her makeup if she says no her beuaty is only her makeup and nothing more, if yes then she is either strong or a natural bueaty. Blck woman do not have an attitude problem the problem with black ladies is that they are not acting. White woman are brought up to be this so called loving kind because they also want to be liked to me that is as ego problem.Black woman were not brought up to be the queens duaghter or anything like that. Black woman are real and real people will seem to have an attitude problem. There is no pretention ar role playing no Britney Spears shit in her just total real attitude. That my seem to be her downfall in the minority of black men and the rest of the world. all I say to black woman you go girl. I have kissed woman of different races growing up and only came when I kissed black woman. To me it seemed that I was making love to these woman I tell you I did not even touch thier bodies in a sexual way. I think it has to do with the quality of their skin because white woman feel different to black woman black skin seems to feel like silk and valvet. If you have seen any movies from the 18 century have you noticed that the ladies dresses had african asses after the white man travelled the world and saw another kind of ass a black ass. Black woman are beutifull and not an illusion or madeup or pretending so that she may be liked. All the qualities of black woman are seen as negative but in reality are positive for instance they say black people smell we have large noises, asses, lips, breast penis ect. If black people sweat alot means that we have larger sweat glands go on everything is larger means large brain. I do not want to seem as black praising but these are qualities that we fail to look at as black people and always see them as negative like we are trained to. Blacks are not only good at sports. Black woman and men do not see thier potential and the world does not want to see our potential because they know. I am not a proud black man I am a black man. As a nation we have been disturbed thats why we blacks fight alone because of what we have been told and we have to take back what was taken from us and that in not freedom from slavery, selfworth, or the lies about us that makes us work round in circles we shhuld get back the thinking that we can create we have to steal back our education and create our own future and not one that is dictated to us. I will give you a starting point there were no wars in africa in days of old. We had no need to build stoned houses africans are peacefull people gone bad from the situations of life. I am not a proud black man a I am A BLACK MAN. Boo!

  19. Anonymous9:49 AM

    I think the problem is people are focusing on the black men that have non black partners and not the thousands of black men that do have black partners. I have seen more black men with black women then black men with white women. Its just when we see it we think its oh so prevalent when it really is not. There are plenty of black celebrity men that ARE married to black women but they don't put that all in your face. So realistically I think its unwise to make assumptions on something only because you get one side of the picture

  20. Honestly i dont believe that human beings can be so narrow minded and stupid as some comments in here reveal.

    For someone to hide under the annonymous tag and go on to say they are proud of whoever they are is plain dishonesty. If you believe in what you are posting in such a forum, then put your money where your mouth other words, reveal yourself.

    Back to the issue at hand. It's plain ignorance to insinuate that the different races cannot interbreed. For your information, there is only one race and that is the HUMAN RACE. To write otherwise, just goes to show that you have the IQ of a snail.

    Secondly, to indulge yourself in abusing other races of the greater human race just ranks you in the same plane with a sewage pipe. In other words, any person who revels in any racist tendencies stinks all the way to mars and should do the human race a favour by committing suicide - No one can miss a complete idiot like this.

    And for those of you saying stupid things that different races cannot interbreed by giving examples of animals, i can only say, improve on your biology. Sterile animals are the only ones that cannot interbreed and generally they come from different species... Humans belong to the species in plain simple english for the racists out there, the species Sapiens is composed of all human beings red white black yellow etc...Get that into your racist brains.

    Well, our diversity in skin color was just a way of God showing us that irregardless of how much we develop in life, deep down within us, we will be plain stupid and lack harmony. Imagine if this world was only made up of one color skin...would be darn boring...and if one color skin was superior to the other, then the brain, where our intelligence emanates from would be different in all people. Unfortunately, it is one color and has the same divisions whether you go to Nigeria or Nicaragua.

    I am an african, proud to be one, highly intelligent, well employed, in love with a white woman, have no issues with my black sisters and look at people from a personality point of view and not stupid considerations like the skin color.

    I echo someones sentiments in is all about love...

    From dust to dust...or am i wrong???!!!

  21. Anonymous2:52 PM

    White men love white women. Black men love white women. Asian men love white women. All men love white women. White women are good.

  22. Anonymous10:35 PM

    I agree. Most of my black friends say they find white women much more sexually attractive. As one blogger said, white women are cooperative - sure they are very much cooperative in 'bed'.

  23. The problem with you Americans is that it is even difficult determine who is Black and who is not.
    It however remains true that Black people do have a problem of personality and identity. Until when we will be able to surmount some of these problems that make others look at us as inferior beings, most brothers will always turn to the other side to get something that is running away from them. There is no truth that Black men do not find their women attractive. The reality is that they want to remove a part of their lives from these stereotypes that are attached to their personality by dating all these non black women. A pertinent case for me is about the Chinese. They are not relatively beautiful people, yet when they want to marry they turn to their own. This is because through their culture and work they have been able to create a Chinese identity that cannot be influenced by any other idea. Blacks need some confidence to be instilled in them, so that when they turn to some other race it should no more be a question of inferiority, security but an issue of love.

  24. Anonymous6:45 AM

    I just found this blog by accident. You may not like what I think about this subject. OK, my view on this is whatever that pisses off racist individuals/groups is a good thing. Seal being married to top of the German cream beauty Ms. Klun light hair/blue eyed and making latte babies, a good thing. I like mixing. However, I am totally aware what sisters are saying in regard to how certain man with money and good job somehow miraculously fall in love with white women. I look at it as a way of Africa and people of African ancestry taking over the world and spreading the 'goodness' around. We all started from Africa and this is just a natural evolutionary move forward to complete the circle. I do not know enough about what is called 'black culture' in white society such as US/UK to really give opinion on that. However I do know that black women who are successful are not finding the right partners. White man! come on guys! You know you want to, mixing is good for planet earth and survival of human race.

  25. Anonymous5:32 PM

    " black men want the more passive women found in other races."


    as a black man i've realized that many of my fellow "brothers" would much rather date a light skinned light eyed or just flat out white/asian chick with an abrasive, destructive, non-passive personality over an intelligent,kind-hearted, attractive BROWN SKIN black woman. people act as if all black women have attitudes and their lighter counterparts are so sweet and angelic. all black women are not one way and vice versa. please...i know alot of ,brothers like this they are constantly one the HUNT for light skin/ white women, they wouldn't even consider a respectable black woman. To them lighter is better and white is right. some black men would go go-go ga-ga over a white women who looks like friggin' rosie o'donnell just for the mere fact that she is white but they turn their nose up at a black woman who looks like naomi campbell...unbelievable.

  26. Anonymous12:11 PM

    I'm a married blackman to a black women. When I was growing up I only saw black and white women. Now I see beautiful patite latina and asian women, many with the personality to match. If I had to pick a mate now she would certainly come from one of of the two later groups. No disrespect to blackwomrn or white. Just keeping it real.

  27. Anonymous1:30 PM

    I think race-mixing is okay in certain societies, but there is not much positive reinforcement in the american community and I personally think it is still very much shunned. White with black. Black with white. I think it's almost more acceptable for both black and whites to dates asians then each other.

  28. Anonymous1:32 PM

    I think black men go after white women so they can go out in public and act like they accomplished something over there white male counterparts. Really all it does is cause problems in both races.

  29. Anonymous7:46 PM

    So let me get this straight. You have used these few examples to illustrate that ALL black men, the millions that are out there, including men on the continent of Africa and in the Caribbean (these men marry and prefer Black women in overwhelming numbers), prefer white women?

    Secondly, Jada is a Black woman with African-American features, particularly the round forehead, nose, lips and buttocks.

    I think certain people are tooting their own horns here.
    This is all so general and stupid, I cannot believe it is actually a topic. LMAO

  30. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Is this seriously what you white people spend your time talking about? I mean really? Do black men prefer white women? Let me ask you this, why is it any of your business what race of women a black man wants to date? I'll tell you that it depends on the individual. You can't group us all together and say, "This is how it is, period." So you have examples of African American actors who date white There are African American actors who date African American women as well. Who cares? Spend your time on something that's worthwile and let people date who they want to date. Oh, and the term "mulatto" is no longer something we say in the year 2008. It's a prejudice word that stems from the days of slavery. Do some research before you make yourself look stupid on the internet.

  31. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Especially to Compost Books

    "It seems common conventional wisdom that many people are attracted to what they ain't." common conventional wisdom, hmm, I don't know about that. Although there is some sort of fascination with the different, foreign and exotic.

    "On some evolutionary level the individual set of genes strives to achieve some sort of hybrid vigor. I imagine this will be proven at some point through research."

    Are you a scientist? Genes don't think hence they will never instill in a person the drive to choose someone who looks physically different in order to achieve "some sort of hybrid vigor". If one wanted to scientifically prove that people tend to be attracted to people of other races one would be better off approaching the research from a sociological or psychological angle rather than a biological one. Moreover, the latest research in genetics, as of Dec 2007, provides more evidence that race is not a biological category. That means for eg., that when you compare the genes of black people and those of other races, the amount of variation in genetic makeup is the same among black people as the variation between black people and whites, for eg. When you say "hybrid vigor" you are implying that interracial people are somehow superior to those that are not, kinda like saying that biracial kids are the most beautiful kids ever. So not many people would think to do this research that you are thinking of given political implications and the history of "biological race research".

    You could do this research though, you can quantify anything you want and prove anything you want. It's just a matter of statistics and data-mining.

  32. Anonymous12:53 PM

    I'm a handsome black lad who prefers buxom blondes.

  33. Anonymous10:57 PM

    I am an Asian married to a black man. My husband's ex-wife was black. In the years that we've been married, he never compared me to his ex.

    I do not see anything wrong about SOME black guys getting together with non-black women. They have their own reasons for choosing who they want to be with, who they want to spend (hopefully) the rest of their lives with.

    The world is so vast and diverse and I find it so odd why some people would judge others who marry out of their ethnicity. You cannot force any guy to want a certain kind of woman. If he prefers to be with someone who does not share his skin color, it doesn't mean that he LOATHES women of his own race. That is just plain preposterous.

    The fact of the matter is, you make yourself RIGHT for the person you're with. You just don't let society dictate who will be good for you.

  34. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Lets all be honest, when a black male reaches a level in his celebrity he goes out and finds the frist non-black woman. Why, because they have been conditioned to think white woman are novelity. The world has embedded in this in their head that the whit-woman look is beautiful. Foe example pay attention to music video's, when one of my R&B brothers are singing about being in love or falling in love, he cast a light-skined, damn-near white woman in his video. On the other hand if it is a party song about popping that ass, u will see the object of his affection is a shapely dark skinned woman. I'm not saying that black men who ends uo with a woman outside of his race isn't in love, but what I am saying is they go after this women because that is what socity is teliin them is beautiful. Sad but true

  35. Anonymous7:32 PM

    I think I need therapy. This is getting to be the norm. How disconcerting for a young single white male like me. Why are black men so agressively seeking white women? This is so common lately. Just today I saw a group of young black men targeting on a pair of attractive young white women. Ever seen girls gone wild? Who's that guy on the cover?

  36. "Who's that.."

    That's one smiley black man.

  37. I am a black man. I have had much experience with dating black women and now my girlfriend is a white woman. Understand this human beings, Women are Women. ANY woman will cheat, lie, steal, be a gold digger, wear make up, carry large bags, and do what the hell women do. Women want to be loved and treated like angels. Now the ignorance that is scattered amoungst this place with ludicrious stereotypes have gone too far. I did not choose my baby because she is a white girl, and because white girls are supposed to treat their men better. That was not even the issue. A woman will treat you the way she was raised to treat another human being. A woman will be a woman by the standards that she has been taught. All women are powerful and strong in their own ways. I did not pull myself towards my girl because she would not give me crap. She's gonna give me crap if she wants to give me crap. Honestly All women are beautiful, not more than my boo, but they are definately beautiful. Point being, no color can define how a woman will treat a man or what a man will be attracted to. Because i know most men are attracted to the female anatomy no matter what the covering. It all boils down to one element, LOVE. Love your fellow human beings and stop being blinded by ignorance.

  38. Anonymous10:20 PM

    About 20 minutes ago I was in the Taco Bell drive thru getting some food after work. I noticed a minivan with some beautiful young woman in it who happened to be white. They must have been partying as they were screaming and laughing obnoxiously in the Baker's parking lot. Well as a single man who had a long day I thought I'd just roll up and see what they had going on for the late night. Right when I looked back after geting my taco supreme, a Huge black man not far off from Kimbo Slice on the family tree gets out of the back and walks into the store after a discussion with the girls. Damn that sucks...I decided to just go home and get some sleep.

  39. Anonymous11:38 PM

    A few years back I was in between classes and my fellas were over and they had this discussion on OPRAH about MYTHS... one of them being the BLACK MALE ANATOMY. So we had to kick it. And the expert she had on the show...some white chick and she said that in general it is true that BLACK MEN have the BIGGEST PENISES .....WHITE MEN come next....and ASIANS overall have the smallest but that was just in general so if you put 200 brothas in a room with 200 white and 200 asias, 1% of the asians would hang, 12% of the white boys would hang and 48% of the brothas would hang! You should have seen the eyes of them WHITE WOMEN opening up. I'm like.....IT'S ALL OVER have all these white women gonna be looking for BLACK MEN becasue they heard it on the OPRAH SHOW that BLACK MEN have the biggest Stuff! I will tell you over the last few years I have had more hook ups with these white chicks then ever before. THANX OPRAH!

  40. Anonymous9:07 AM

    I am white with a black african girlfriend, not english black but a wonderful real african lady, apart from people who fall in love which can happen anywhere the reason black men go with white women is because they can, women with a black fetish will allow a black men to do anything with them, generally speaking while the black men enjoy the past time they think of them as one step up from dogs and know their friends will be enjoying the same services.
    Black women arent easy, they also can be a bit thorny, they are also led to believe that we arent as good in bed as black men or as well hung, therefore they are surprised when they have a better time with us, black men tend not to make sure their women are having as good a time as they are, probably they try harder with white women so they dont let the side down!! However if a black woman falls for you they are the most passionate women on the planet and no white woman and I have slept with a lot matches them as they make you feel like you will never have felt before, especially when they get over the white kissing thing (still cant kiss them in public-just not done!) however that takes time at least a year or two to get the best from them, however they are the most possesive and jealous women on the planet once they have fallen for you so you have to take the rough with the ultra smooth. Once you turn them they will not let you go for anything.

  41. Anonymous1:04 AM

    Hi... as a Black female, I personally do not really care if Black men prefer Caucasian women...or not. I say squash the dialog about it...It aint that important in the big scheme of things. If they do, they do. Let em go where they pls & lv em alone all together to do them.

    What I really wanted to comment on is the Cynthia McKinney stmt with regard to hair.... I really dont understand why is it viewed as some form of rebellion when Black women (as well as Black people in general) choose to wear their hair in natural hairstyles???? I personally wear my hair natural and guess what? How white Americans or others feel about it does not enter my mind when I wake up in the morning to meet the world. My whole thing is to look good and be whole and I dont think I have to process my hair or Europeanize it to fulfill that particular desire.

  42. Anonymous1:53 AM

    May I suggest that you read the about the Kenneth Clark doll test... Perhaps, this may shed some light on the why???? This is a scientific test that was done...and perhaps, there is more to this than so called jealous black women who are salty for no reason.

  43. Anonymous2:52 AM

    Here in the midwest it is becoming more common to see multiple white women riding in a car with one black man than with one or even more white men. This is a fact purely based on my observation. I am not racist, but it does disturb me to see this as much as I do. Even at my place of work I see the average young white women more socially accepting of black men than the equivalent white man. Seeing a black man/white woman couple is almost as common as one consisting of a white man with a white woman. I have much pride for my race as I suspect most of us do, so seeing this really does affect me in a negative way. Am I wrong to feel the way I do?

  44. Anonymous2:32 PM

    My response to does black men that think thaey look good, and that prefer white women body features than a african american women body. Well I kinda think the same thing about you too!!!I would rather prefer another man that is NOT african african american, why because they keep up with there weight for one, and that also no how treat a women with respect, and they, and another thing you don't see them having african american woman as the booty shakers, and shorties in there videos,(But then you put the white and purticans as the ones that are calm and doing playboys actions in videos)! So yeah, think what you want about black women , they are , I mean we do have some fine black woem out there with business, doing it big, with out you white women loving men!!!

  45. Anonymous2:38 PM

    How can a black man not want a african american woman that is not aggresive, when they are the main one's with high blood pressure, over having anger, and halve of the men being sent to prison, african american women should be the one finding a man that is'nt a lier ,and always angry because things aren't done there way,. And how can they compare ablack women features to a white women, do the compares they're features to white men?, what if we say that we don't like how they look, trust me they are not the best looking men walking around

  46. Anonymous12:01 AM

    I'm a black man and must admit I prefer white women not sure why just do.

  47. Anonymous8:55 AM

    hey "i am yoruba"!

    you're just a racist c*nt, so roll over and die! and before you do so, shove your n*gger propaganda up where it belongs.

    on with the topic:

    some years ago one black american guy wrote on the net he isn't interested in black american women since they are too obsessed with being "strong" - which results in being annoying and bitchy rather than endurable.
    all the other men in that forum agreed that african women were the exact opposite of that and indeed attractive.

    ...excluding such racist primates like that yoruba thing.

  48. Anonymous11:22 AM

    If our calculations are correct by 2040 European-Americans will be minority in USA. As long as people keep dating inter racially it's inevitable fact that European-American race will one day be extinct, to be precise we will all blend in to one race. But hey most of us who are reading this very post will be gone by then anyway. Please don't bring "what about our future generation" crap, you can bet your life THEY WILL FIGURE IT OUT like we have for millions of years.

  49. Anonymous8:22 AM

    I'm a handsome,muscular(5'9'',214 lb.)
    lusty black lad,55,who's said to look 35-40 and prefers buxom blondes or Lati-

  50. Anonymous10:29 PM

    I just stumbled across this while I did a search on black actors with white women. Now the discussion got nasty when someone said that a blk man that has a white woman is ashamed of his race.. I think you all are a bunch of hypocrites, when asked to name a great black actor I am sure Will Smith, Jamie Foxx & Dave Chapelle will be the first ones you mention!! Sum people truly messed up in the head!!!

  51. Anonymous10:10 PM

    what the fuck is wrong with u idiots u dont have control over what race people date!!! fuckin sickos. people can date, fuck, marry, have babies with whoever they want skin color is just a color and i bet everyone is sick of yall moping about it and critisizing it...its none of youre goddamn business its so fucking weird how people can say its wrong...were all one people love is love. stop getting jealous and do your own thing!!! theres millions of people in the world for you.

  52. Anonymous8:54 AM

    I aree 100%. I'm a 26 year old African American male. You never see really powerful white men with black women. I think its a shame that you have all these powerful black men dating these white women who probably wouldnt date a black man if he didtn have a certain status. And if the white woman did date a black man before it was just sex. Falling in love or Falling in Lust because of a persons skin color and wanting to see what the sex is like. I could see if brothers were dating well to do white women, who had saved themselves for marrige, but lets face most these black men arent. Shane Battier,Tim Duncan etc etc are bi racial docile black men. I live in Alabama. Charles Barley nor Jordan date black women anymore. The reason I am agaisnt race mixing is because its another for of racism against blacks. All these trashy white females slutting themselves to black men for sex and not intellect. A white woman with an college education will date some drug dealer and get pregnant, then want to bash black men, or white girls will run after the stud athletes on campus. Black men ned to have more pride in themselves and stop trying to committ race suicide. I think its very rare that a black and white fall in love. Its either some white woman acting ghetto trashy, or some white woman with a black fetish, or the typical athlete chaser. I would say 70% of black men dont like white women but 30% are dying to marry one. Me myself, I grew up in the 80s and they always hyped white girls, i dated some but once i got to know them i realized i am too proud a black man than to date or marry someone who has a low opinion of african americans and do not want to see african americans on the same level as whites economically. Just because a white person marries a black person doesnt mean they are racist. A lot of blacks are non thinking. They just go for the media hype.

  53. Anonymous9:04 AM

    As far as the prefrence things... To prefer a certain race that is not your own is b.s.... Look at the Turner Gill situation, Charles Barkley got mad, but you have a lot of these black athletes who dont like black women because of a "prefrence", well what is employers had a prefrence for non black coaches. Beauty should come from the inside not outside, not sayin gyou should settle or date some bum.
    Love vs. Lust... I think a lot of white women lust after black men and may marry one, may still have a overall low opinion of blacks. Really white women like submissive black men, who dont like black women, who feel that they are a status symbol, it booast the white womans ego, white people are very egotistical. Please, save the glossy rhetoric... Love begins at home. If a white woman and black man just fell in love over a period of time based off itellectual stimulation, morality and she knew he was a proud black man who loved his race would be one thing, but no white woman is going to marry or date a real black man. A lot of black men are flat out stupid, and stop calling black women jealous because you want to act like whites. Black men are lazy, we get an education, do we start business to build our community? Nope, we want a government job or to work for some 90% whote corporation then we fill like we made it. Black people are the only race in America, that if u move in a majority black community that is failure, vs being the only black on your job, the only black on your block, and the only black with some white girl... who has probably been ran through by a bunch of other niggas who were probably nothing like you. Its one thing for a white woman to like black men, but when you dating thugs and athletes only, or some simp typ eblack dude you just want to eb married to some black pee pee... These fake brothers on this site are a joke. I am an educated black man from a PWI. I am just calling a spade a spade. You have these black men who just want white women, and wont even look at a black woman. Dont call it a prefrence call it what it is and that is internalized racism. If you said I like women that would be cool but when you always prefer someone outside your race call it what it is. SELF HATE

  54. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Anonymous,if you looked like me(5'9'',214
    lb.,48'' chest normal,50'' chest expanded,
    42'' waist,19'' biceps,55,said to look
    35-40,and classically handsome-my nick-
    name "Brady"i.e. "handsome" in Old
    Gaelic was given me by a buxom blonde
    Irish girlfriend),you'd know I CERTAINLY
    have no self-hate,just an aversion to
    b***hy,fat,fugly black broads.(Or ANY
    fat broads,for that matter!!!!)

  55. I love white women and I don't care is some people are against it. I love black women because they are fine and I don't care what people think about them.

  56. Anonymous5:47 PM


  57. Anonymous5:48 PM


  58. Anonymous5:48 PM


  59. Anonymous5:48 PM


  60. Anonymous5:49 PM


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  78. Anonymous6:17 AM

    i think for alot of black guys its a subconcious way of being racist i have a black freind who admitted that he likes treating his white girls like slaves lol because he feels like hes getting revenge witch is pretty sick but hes funny as fuck...hell if it works and white girls are stupid enuff to do it y not right ?

  79. Anonymous5:32 AM

    I ve dated a black athlete man, he was the best man i ever met in my life. We still friends. But what is all about them havin baby mamas? is that the example for youngest generation? raise a kid and u r not even married.

  80. sandra sky12:56 AM

    on a serious note,i think we should all stop hating and just take it easy.when someone falls in love with another it is because of a strong feeling u cannot understand.that explains y sometimes u c this really cute man with a fat,or ugly woman and the issue isnt the color.even though taye diggs,terence howard and whoever have white wives,some stars like jay z,snoop dogg,will smith(i love others have black wives too so y dwell only on the few with white wives?im a 19 year old girl from cameroon,central dark skinned and very certain the man who will marry me(black or white)will love me for who i am,rather than "because shes curvy or sexy "or whatever,so please i hope y'all get my point.

  81. Anonymous1:41 PM

    I can't resist ANY big-hair,big boob
    (her bra,34D-42D)babe,25-39,5-3,108 lb.-

  82. Anonymous1:47 PM

    I am Yoruba,YOU'RE the confused one...
    probably married to.or dating,a fat,fugly,
    5-4,300-lb.,b***hy broad who wears the
    (size 50)pants in your home.
    And I love buxom blondes,as a handsome
    black lad,rather than confused,I'm QUITE
    knowledgable about my looks,erudition,and,
    even at 55-56 July 6;said to look 35-40,

  83. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Anonymous,the reason white women prefer
    black men is BECAUSE we're true men,not
    little blond they can control.Did your
    5-4,300-lb.,b***hy wife or girlfriend
    threaten to beat you up if you didn't post that bull***t?

  84. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Anonymous,that's why white lasses love us
    handsome black lads...because they know
    we're studs!!!!

  85. Anonymous2:03 PM

    KIN' RESPECT!!!!

  86. Anonymous8:41 PM

    black men (niggas) all want non black women, period. if you are black and you look black and you're a woman, there's no hope. even if you have a man, chances are good he's gone very soon for some latina/asian/mixed chick and later for you darkie. it sucks. white dudes are not checking for black chicks either. the whole system is set up for black women who actually look black to be alone. it has nothing to do with being "passive" or not. People are shit.

  87. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Could it be that black women are not very attractive to look at? Most don't take care of themselves and many have hygiene problems. It seems white woman drive black men around, for what ever reason. Why do we call Obama African American? He is bi-racial. His daddy was a looser and let the white women raise him. Even he recognizes the advantages of going with white culture instead of a failed African -American culture.

  88. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Yes the do. Why do we have to keep talking about it. Its always been that way and it will NEVER change. Most black men don't want or like black women. The reasons are so vast and so rooted its not worth the topic base. Black women move on, black men don't want us.

  89. Anonymous1:11 PM


  90. Anonymous1:07 AM

    There is no comparison between white women and black girls! White women are wayyyy more attractive!

  91. I'm a black woman and I know that black men are not attracted to black women. we've always felt inferior to women with long soft hair and lighter skinned. We were taught to hate what God created. We were taught that black skin is ugly and lighter skin is beautiful. We were taught that our hair is unexceptable by whites and that we are the most unadmired race of women on this earth. But when black men agreed by leaving us for non-blacks, I think it killed that last hope of black unity for woman of my race.

  92. I think that you should just be with who you love. There is no real reason for someone falling for this one or that one. I have dated Black, White, Asian, and thought they were all great women. I love women in general and if I hadn't married the Asian lady I may have married the White lady or the Black lady. I have been very blessed as to say that all of these women were very successful and we complimented each other in intellect. Everyone should have attitude, you just can't let people walk all over you. In the end I love that strong independent, attitude thing personally, and every woman I've been with has been pretty solid in that regard.

  93. Anonymous8:06 PM

    I have dated women from all origins of the world, and all religions. And as a British white male i would put the majority of black women at the bottom of the list, They have nothing atall to offer, As for white women going with Black men, it seams to be more the white trash, than the civilised white women, And in all honesty most of the white trash soon learn that the white man will treat her better, plus to my knowlege the whole big black man is just a myth, except for a tribe in africa or somewere, would have to look it up..

  94. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Why do white women go with black men??? if is because theu are diffrent? Is it because they want to be left bringing up his children while he carries on playing the field?
    No she is there to get her hand bag back.

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  96. Anonymous4:53 PM

    I am old caucasian and I couldnt help but notice the strange and bizarre attraction between some or a lot , who knows?, white women and black men. Really I think it is just another symptom of how screwed up and ignorant people have become. Now society is totally unbalanced because of the ignorance of the generations since the older generations. Now you can have a whole lot of poor and unemployed men and rich women walking around. If someone asked someone of the older generation to try some drugs they would call a cop but the new generations say, sure , thats cool dude. If someone asked someone of the older generations , like from the 40's etc. to do a lap dance they would laugh at you. Now you have a bunch of cretins lining up for a "lap dance" and handing over some cash and thinking this is where its at/ Basically we are in the end stage of humanity, going in reverse quickly and its going to get even uglier. This is basically going to the level below an animal. When I say older generation I dont mean mine, I am referring to people who would be 100 now. They are spinning in their graves at the trash getting lap dances and basically brain dead.

  97. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Now in modern society the non-Black males are looking at the exploits of the Black man. Look at that Brotha dunk the ball! Look at that Brotha just rap like there is no tommorrow. Oh look at that Brotha line up to pay big money for a lap dance with a white tramp. Oh well, guess the brotha basically with all the gifts has nothing between his ears and should spend a whole lot of time on the Final Call website to get up to speed about being a Black man.

  98. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Hello, I would like to say to all the dark skinned, albino's, and light skinned black females out there, if a black man doesn't want you find someone else who does. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some black men may find white women and anyone who is non-black attractive, just like Mexicans, Cubans, Hawaiians, and White men may find black women attractive.
    Black women, you have to love yourselves first and stop trying to compete with the white woman in order to get the black man's attention. This only makes you unappealing in his eyes.
    I am dating a man of another race and when I go out in high heels and looking like a queen, I get all kinds of stares because other races can't believe that a black woman is out with another race! White women even give me dirty looks when my date pulls out my chair for me to sit in because they are so used to being the eminent person to receive attention.
    I've been dating other races because they appreciate and admire my differences from their own. They aren't afraid of my hair because it is not blonde, they pull out the chair for me to sit in when we go to a restaurant. They LIKE an attractive woman as well. I also like the attention I get from them. They aren't gauking at every girl who walks in the room. Their mannerisms and etiquette are superb. They like to "chase" a woman instead of the woman chasing after the man as so many white women do. He's responsible. When he states he will call me, he calls.
    I'm not bashing black men, but I am tired of them degrading black women. I believe every race has problems and good and bad, but if you constantly hear negative comments about you as a black woman being stated by black men, why would you want to date someone like that? Since I have been dating men of other races I have been approached by numerous black men. It's ashame they weren't talking to me as much before. Before I would get approached by 4 black guys, and a white woman who looked like Roseanne Barr would get approached by 80 black men. Since I have been dating outside my race, the numbers skyrocketed of how many black men approach me. It's ashame some people don't want you until another race shows admiration towards the good in you and decided to appreciate you for how God made you.
    Nothing against black men, I date them also, but not the black woman haters. All I'm saying to black women is find someone who will love you for the way God made you, instead of trying to make a man fall in love with you only if you color your hair blonde, get a nose job, or bleach your skin. Assimilation is one way to survive and get a job in America, but it is not meant to change one's identity.
    Many black women will actually dye their hair blonde or get a nose job just so a black man will accept them. It's pitiful. Find someone who loves you and isn't afraid of you simply because you are black. Otherwise, you will be using your vibrators for a long time if you don't start being more open-minded to other races. Worse yet, you may be on a kane before a black man desires to date you. Open up your heart to people who WANT you. I did. The results are electrifying!

  99. Date who you like, but don't bash others because of it. Otherwise you look ignorant.

  100. Hey Unlisted,

    Thanks for your honesty. I agree with you 100%. Many black men are attracted to lighter skinned females with Caucasian features. In fact my sister and I are both light, but she has a straighter nose and therefore attracts more black men.
    I tend to attract many men of other races and it's so prevalent that even other people have noticed it. It's ironic that other races of men find me attractive, whereas black men are semi-attracted to me. They only talk to me if I straighten my waist length hair. They seem to be ashamed of black features and worried about what other black men will think, whereas other races embrace my black beauty. One would almost think black men hated themselves by some of their narrow-minded comments.

    Whoever said that no one wants a black woman needs to get out and explore more in the world. They've been playing too many video games that they fail to observe what's around them. There are plenty of other races who find black women attractive. Black women should allow themselves to be loved by other men who desire them, instead of waiting on a black guy. It's ok to date black men, I'm just saying black women should be more receptive of other races. Black men are more receptive of other races, so black women should be as well instead of complaining about black men dating white women. However, anyone would complain if it appeared as though half of their race was dating other ethnicities. It would be a big deal to them if the shoe was on the other foot, but since it's not, why should it matter right?

  101. Anonymous2:20 PM

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  102. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Brothers ~
    It is very difficult to find someone to love; and, if you so happen to find a woman outside the race who you love and loves you back --- Bless, Bless. However, if you go out of your way to NOT be with Black women, perhaps it's self-hatred!

    Your Sisters love you my strong Black man -

  103. Anonymous2:26 AM

    i am a 27 yr old white woman who feels intimidated and threatened by the attractive looks of black ad mixed women full bottoms and lips, slim waists flat stomachs, gorgeous colored skin..I find myself considering a butt job - serious! I live in Harlem with my black husband, he has Caribbean roots.. I think living in Harlem where there are LOTS of blacks, mixed and spanish in one place you see the true beauty of black women as there's so many examples of them and many of them dress with stunning style and class. I am a white woman who was born and grew up in Europe, I see black men hollering at black women where I live and at me sometimes in jest or with a more disrespectful tone actually. My husbands ex was mixed, looked like Halle Berry and was one of those video girls with a booty. He said he'd never seen so many black men falling over themselves and drooling over his ex. I'll never know the real reason that relationship failed but I have to be grateful he's with me now because I love him and certainly find him to be very handsome, can't quite believe my luck. White women can get fat and so can black women... I guess at least black women gain in feminine areas, white women can develop huge guts! Come to NY, there's still some racism here but there's plenty of handsome black men with eyes for hot black women exclusively... As for my guy, he looks like a black but his Grandfather is Chinese..and Im sure far back down the line he has other races thrown into his genetic make-up - just like many of the African Americans will have a dash of European in them from way back. ..It's a topical discussion - look at Halle B and her white man, J Lo dating diddy at beginning of her music career but then going for marc anthony for marriage/kids... I honestly think Africans and Europeans are less affected by racial stereotyping and stigma than both white and black Americans, Americans seem to feel the urge to categorize people. I see black women being pushed into the spot light more in the future..I saw Beyonce performed in Arab country of Dubai for new years and was paid some obscene amount by an Arab prince for doing Dubai Arab men traditionally worshipped the blue eyed they're oggling Beyonce. I have a mixed race son and I would be very happy to see him bring a black woman home when he's older but thats just me being shallow because I think black women are beautiful. It's up to him what his preference will be and as long as he treats all women with respect, I'll be happy.

  104. Anonymous12:31 AM

    Lets all just be honest our black men are awesome, sexy, passionate brilliant KINGS, to name a few...and alot of women want to experience being with them. They were carried for 9 months and birthed and raised by a black Queen. So i hope that makes us black women worth something to you all that judge..... Just take a minute and think about it...No apologies, i would never even consider going to the other side... Although black women have been approached by white men several times. Its a soul issue for me, I love and care for my strong ebony brothers, to the depth of my heart , soul, mind, and body, unconditionally.

  105. Anonymous12:31 AM

    Lets all just be honest our black men are awesome, sexy, passionate brilliant KINGS, to name a few...and alot of women want to experience being with them. They were carried for 9 months and birthed and raised by a black Queen. So i hope that makes us black women worth something to you all that judge..... Just take a minute and think about it...No apologies, i would never even consider going to the other side... Although black women have been approached by white men several times. Its a soul issue for me, I love and care for my strong ebony brothers, to the depth of my heart , soul, mind, and body, unconditionally.

  106. Eman L9:42 AM

    Some here have said that it is STUPID to go against the race purposely and procreate. I agree that animals don't cross lines such as monkeys which chimps, tigers with leopards, however if anyone has noticed cats come in different colors, as well as dogs. I have never seen a black dog only set to procreate with a black dog. I just want to throw that out there! My partner is of my race, but I have certainly dated outside when beauty, brains, and personality have coexisted in such a way to attract me. Compost Books, love the post! This is very true of men. We seek that which is opposite us. This is stronger in some people than in others. I think it is instinct that creates that. We are NOT designed to procreate with those too close in our gene pool, so seeking features different than your own does not make you a bad person. Looking amongst your own and comming up short should not deem anyone to periods of nothing. Reach out and enjoy life, its too short to make other people happy by only looking within your racial circle.

  107. Anonymous1:43 PM

    As a boyishly handsome,57-year-old black Canadian lad,I CAN'T RESIST a buxom blonde
    because we make a great couple,rather than myself and a fat,fugly,frigid,b***hy
    black broad!!!

  108. Anonymous5:13 PM

    What I don't get is why it's considered "bad" to date within your race. I feel like girls are being taught so much to be "politically correct" that they feel like they can't turn down the advances of black men (or others) for fear of being called racist for doing so. I think MOST women regardless of race want a strong man of their race to love.

  109. Anonymous3:04 PM

    well i was told that. a white girl is just a trophy for a black boy. i am a white girl. i like all races. i was taught in school that everyone is EQUAL NO MATTER WHAT. as in race, features. and stuff like that. i am 13. and i wanna know. cuz people think if ur a white girl who likes black guys. ur a hoe. or so it seems. and im not a hoe. and dont plan to be. i dont get it. its stupid. and i have thought that some of them just like white girls with big butts. b/c well idk y. but black girls dont seem to like white girls with big butts. they hate. lol. but i really wanna know. but my dad told me that it b/c they want someone they can get by. somebody who is passive. somebody tell me. i wanna know before i make a mistake. btw. my name is Hope.

  110. Anonymous10:27 PM

    I think black women get disturbed because nobody picks them.

  111. I am of Black ancestery and Latino heritage(one of the many ancestors of African slave) and for me it has really been all about where we live and come from. I only dated Black and Hispanic ladies that were either close to my complexion or darker and vice versa. I tried to date a white woman but couldn't do it, it was just not for me. I felt like they were too common and always trying to prove something; whereas even the Asain girl I dated was actually rather dark for her people. It is not about exotica, but reality for me, and these women that I choose to date are just real. They are not some fancey on the cover looking thing, but they have a natural beauty and don't need to cosmetically change themselves for any commercial reasons, they are who they are. I was married to a beautiful Black woman, and now a beautiful dark brown latina. If ever I have to do it again it would be one or the other. black or latina.

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