Thursday, April 20, 2006

White guys do not fantasize about black women: I swore to myself that I would not mention the Duke Lacrosse Team controversy, but I changed my mind when Jesse Jackson said that white men love to fantasize about black women.

One more than one occasion a white guy has asked me, "Do you think black girls are attractive?" I am a statistics-minded guy, so as usual with that kind of question I responded, "It depends--some yes, some no." The guys had brought up the topic as an opportunity to tell me that they felt no attraction to black women whatsoever.

Let's broaden our sample. FHM magazine recently polled its (mostly white) readers concerning the 100 sexiest women in the world. Guys were only too eager to vote for their fantasy girls. So how many black women are white guys dreaming about? Three: Alicia Keys, Beyonce Knowles, and Halle Berry. And how many of these look like an authentic black woman? Beyonce, maybe.

Actresses and singers have a leg up over supermodels in this competition too because they are often better known, and are liked for things others than beauty. Models, on the other hand, are valued for beauty and sex appeal, so how many black supermodels make the grade? Zero.


  1. Guys are usually unfamiliar with the names of fashion models until they appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated. There are a number of incredibly attractive black supermodels, but to my knowledge haven't made the cover of SI. Also, there are countless black fashion models, designers seek them out when their designs are complemented by a darker complected model.

  2. Tyra Banks (that's an SI cover)

    Naomi Campbell - that's a playboy cover (as safe for work as the swimsuit issue... hmmm...)

    Vanessa Williams - Miss America (she had a little run-in with Playboy as well)

    Getting back to singers, Lil Kim is definitely not valued for her musical talents (the same can be said for several white singers as well).

    Personally, I think it's just that FHM is an incredibly bad magazine (or having not seen the poll, but being kinda familiar with some other men's magazines, I think candidates are limited to those who've they've recently done photo shoots of).

    However, I don't find lighter skin sexual selection hypothesis (which this post kinda alludes to) unreasonable. I just think that a better sampling methodology than fhm would've gotten a noticeably higher percentage of blacks.

    Disclosure - I'm a white guy (Scotch Irish), though I am married to an Indian (subcontinent) so maybe I just have a thing for pigment.

  3. Thanks for the posts. The girls you list are indeed beautiful (well, Lil Kim probably wouldn't make my list) and off the top of my head I would add Toni Braxton. Evidently, these girls didn't make the list because men who voted seemed to focus on new and hot celebrities. None of the "classic" white models made it onto the list either: Cindy Crawford, Elle McPherson, Claudia Schiffer, Rebecca Romijn, Christy Turlington, Kate Moss, Rachel Hunter, Kathy Ireland, Niki Taylor, Stephanie Seymour, etc.

  4. I don't believe I've ever fantasized over a black woman with conventional African features. There are numerous attractive black celebrities, but all of them clearly had some white ancestors.

    The following site has some interesting stuff about attractiveness:

  5. Jsut a tip:

    If you allowed anonym comments on your site you would get much more honest answers.

  6. Also look at porn websites geared toward whites -- East Asians and Latinas? Yup. Blacks? Nope.

  7. None of the women with African descent chosen in FHM are overwhemingly Negro.

    Alicia Keys is mulatto. Halle Berry is one too. Beyonce's mother is a mulatto, so she's at least 1/4th white.

    Beyonce and Halle Berry do resemble each other in phenotype. Berry is quite blackish for a mulatto, when I first saw her I thought she was just black.

    I likely had that impression because a descent number of negros are 1/4th white or more.

  8. The same results were basically found in Ask Men's top 99

    In the top 25 ZERO authentic black women. 6 Latinas were there though. Only two that people consider to be black are actually mulatto (Amerie Rogers, who is half Asian and Halle Berry)


    Beyonce is probably MORE than 25% white.

    Here is a little litmus test. Compare any African-American woman to Alek Wek the pure African model.

  9. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Umm, I beg to differ.With the stereotype that black women will "do everything in bed", c'mon.If they say that they haven't, at least once, out of, like 5 guys, they are obvioulsy lying.Chocolate is sexy.Vanilla and Chocolate make a nice Sunday :)


    The Original Rhinestone Cowgirl

  10. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Beyonce AND Tyra Banks both had cosmetic surgery to make their noses look more caucasian. So they shouldn't really count as evidence for white men liking black women. (It's the facial features of black women that white men aren't really into. Skin color is less of an issue)

  11. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Well, Matt, I'm not just talking about celebrities, I'm talking about the real black women.Guys of all colors like girls of all colors and this kind of brainwashing is sad.If you like someone, you like someone.


    The Original Rhinestone Cowgirl

  12. I'm a 5'9'' black female with dark skin (akin to a milk chocolate candy bar) and I can say, without a doubt, that MANY white men of ALL levels of socio-economical status are very attracted to black women...and even more attracted to very dark-skinned black women. My friends, sisters and I get stared at or approached by white or non-black men all the time. However, unlike black men who openly express their attraction to white women, white men are not as overt with their advances and/or expressions of attraction for black women (they usually give more subtle overtures). This may stem from residual shame they harbor due to slave masters repetitively raping the shapely slave women. Some of you may disagree with this theory, but consider all of the emotional scars that African-Americans still carry as a result of slavery. So, why can't white people be emotionally impacted by slavery as well? Black men are said to crave white women sexually because they were considered off-limits in earlier years (lynching could ensue)...or maybe it's the only way that they can piss off a white man for owning most of the country's wealth. Please don't take this comment out of context. I know that there are some black men who just happened to fall in love with their girlfriend or wife who happens to be white or non-black; I am speaking of black men (or any other race) who date EXCLUSIVELY out of their own race. By the way, don't believe any magazine surveys or most statistical data - it's all manipulated to accomodate the most-widely accepted ideals of the targeted audience or consumer.

  13. To provide proof of my claim, I dated a very attractive physician who resembled a younger version of Dr. McDreamy of Grey's Anatomy fame (with a straighter nose and better skin, of course) from 1997-1998. Several of the young white nurses were infuriated by our dating. I even had an older white female doctor warn me to terminate the relationship. I didn't, of course...well, I did later, but not because of her warning. I ended things because the white women in my workplace were viciously lying on me about taking extended lunchbreaks, reporting to supervisors that I was performing procedures incorrectly, etc. and random black men would make rude, ignorant comments when we were out. My boyfriend easily dismissed the nonsense, but all of the chaos really got to me. I started to think about our future children and how being bi-racial would negatively affect them. I didn't want to unnecessarily contribute to my children's struggles by marrying interracially; it was hard enough living as a black person in America. So, I reluctantly ended the relationship. To this day, that was the best relationship I've ever had. Rob was definitely the one I let get away. He was so nice and interested...and not threatened by my intelligence or my having a difference of opinion. I haven't dated a non-black man since (I'm just not attracted to most of them. Plus, I'm turned off by the ones who are obviously just intrigued by the rumors of a black woman's sexaul prowess). However, if the opportunity presented itself again (meaning another geniune, dreamy-type), I would definitely respond differently; the opinions of others wouldn't matter.

  14. I have read a lot of statements saying that white men do not find black women with "classical" features attractive and that the only black women that white men do find attractive are those apparent with white ancestory. But your theory is cut off at the knees because how else do you think black people acquired white ancestory were it not for the innumerable blacks (mostly women)whom white males found attractive enough to have sex with. History and the diverse hu of African-Americans certainly seems to contradict these statements.

  15. Anonymous2:33 PM

    What is an "authentic" black woman? Black woman come in all shapes and sizes. It is possible that white men are just unfamiliar with black actresses and supermodels.

  16. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Look everyone these days erveryone is mixed really i dont care if they are 1/4 white or something like that. They are hot and thats BS that White men dont dream about black women. Im a white guy and i do i dont care who it is if i am attracted to them then thats that.I have fantasies all the time about black women Gabriel union is one thats very sexy too.

  17. Anonymous10:34 AM

    I am a gay white male and find myself attracted more to black males than to white males. I find black males are more open and honest

  18. Anonymous10:02 PM

    What a crock of crap. For one thing, you think a magazine's poll was scientific? Or even legitimate? I'd bet plenty of the women in the 100 were placed there thanks to publicists, not votes. It's well known that magazines of this nature fabricate their poll results and "confession"-type stories. Cosmo, Glamour, Maxim, FHM, etc., are all just fantasies created by their editors to appeal to selected demographics.

    Every white male I know has fantasies about any number of black women, white women, Latin women, Asian women. That's just the nature of the male beast.

  19. White men do fantasize about black women, for Black men to say that about white men apparently some talking has been going on about the subject.

  20. white men has always fantasized about black women, especially the darker ones, every since slavery....i guess that is why many raped black women in those days

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  23. Anonymous11:29 PM

    ignorance is bliss

  24. Anonymous2:22 AM

    That is nonsense. Alek Wek is from Sudan. African Americans rarely resemble anyone from Africa, no matter what country. Its interesting people always choose Wek as an 'example' of an 'authentic' black when there are plenty of 'pure' Africans who have more sex appeal than her. Why not choose them? There's a reason.

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