Monday, April 24, 2006

Is the stereotype of the dumb fundamentalist true? Readers of this blog will quickly notice my conservative orientation, but my goal is not so much to push an agenda but to find interesting information. For example, I'd like to tell you that, in spite of media portrayals, my fellow white conservatives who happen to be religious fundamentalists are just as educated as you and I are--they just prefer their religion straight up. Sorry, but I cannot. White Americans were asked to describe their religion, ranging from fundamentalist to liberal, and I took a look to see the percentage who completed at least a bachelor's degree:

Fundamentalist 14.8%
Moderate 22.5
Liberal 38.5

Now, as I wrote before, an education is overrated (and this coming from a professor). My parents, for example, are very sensible people, yet never stepped foot on a college campus. But I must admit that these numbers do not reflect well on our fundamentalist brethren.


  1. Anonymous1:05 AM

    Fundagelicals are "lazy Chrisitans', they don't want to put in the time it takes to understand the depth of the Christian faith. They are black and white thinkers. They like their religion "straight up" because it requires no struggle with the grey areas of life.

    In addition, it is easier to be judgmental of someone else than to focus on one's own inadequacies and needs for healing and repentance.

    The most destructive force to the human spirit are fundagelicals whether they be Christian or Muslims. Extremists of whatever ilk are the same ... extremists.

  2. The statement that Christian fundamentalists are the most destructive force to the human spirit and that they are the same ilk as fundamentalist Muslims cannot be taken seriously. One shouldn't talk about mental laziness in one paragraph and make that statement in the next.


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