Monday, April 24, 2006

Swedes: A race of drunkards! Everybody knows that the Irish drink more than other Americans, right? (Curse you, you evil stereotypers.) Wrong, it's those sodden Swedes! The numbers are high among northern Europeans and go down as we move toward southern Europe. Asians are very low, as are Arabs. Blacks and Mexicans are in the middle. As for Puerto Ricans: if you take a tour of the Bacardi plant in San Juan, you will get to see the "Cathedral of Rum." And the Russians have really let me down here.

1. Swedes 44.3%
2. Puerto Ricans 43.6
3. Finns 43.5
3. Scots 43.5
5. Irish 42.2
6. German 40.3
7. Yugoslavs 40.0
8. Swiss 39.6
9. Dutch 38.9
10. Czechs 37.4
11. Hungarians 37.0
11. French 37.0
13. Austrians 36.8
14. French Canadians 36.5
15. American Indian 36.4
15. Polish 36.4
17. West Indians 36.4
18. English/Welsh 34.5
19. Danes 34.1
20. Blacks 32.7
21. Mexicans 31.4
22. Italians 31.1
23. Portuguese 29.6
24. Spain 26.7
25. Russians 26.4
26. Lithuanias 25.0
27. Japanese 22.2
28. Indians 20.8
28. Filipinos 20.8
30. Arabs 20.0
31. Chinese 15.6
31. Greeks 15.6


  1. Is this european or american figures?

  2. Figures by ancenstory in US? If so it confirms my suspision than Swedes (I live there) genetically have trouble stopping to drink when they start. This is partially why they have very strict alcohol politics, and why it doesn’t work.

  3. Oh, I should have specified--these are American figures.

  4. What is this percentage?

  5. All the numbers are the percent from each ethnic group who admit to drinking too much.

  6. "As drunk as seven Swedes" was a popular saying in Chicago in the first half of the 20th Century.

    Early in the last century, the inner northwest side neighborhood where the notorious Cabrini Green housing project was later built was a sort of Swedish skid row. Then it became an Italian neighborhood and the public drunkeness disappeared, but guys started knifing other guys for taking their sisters' virginity. Then it became the best-known black housing project in the country. Now I guess it's turning into a yuppie paradise (is the word "yuppie" still in use?)

  7. Erik Von Kuehnelt-Leddihn in his book The Intelligent American's Guide to Europe observed a similar geographic gradient from the north of Europe to the south. (He also suggests that southern Europeans have better reflexes, which make them better race car drivers). Kuehnelt-Leddihn was born in 1909, and the generalization reflects his experiences from the first half of the 20th Century.

  8. Anonymous4:53 AM

    Did you self this list? there was any source named.

  9. Anonymous5:08 AM

    This list is redicilous..
    I´ve seen people’s everyday life in Russia, Finland and Sweden and the top of the pops is Finland when it is about alcohol consumption. The second place takes Russian and Sweden is third.

    It´s not surprise that consumption decreases the lower we go on latitude. There is a one good reason why alcohol is prohibited as a drug/intoxicant the closer we are on equator – alcohol dry up human body and it is dangerous in high temperatures. That is why i.e. Cannabis products are in favour those countries.

    Grow and learn


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