Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Which ethnic group in America keeps the cleanest house? GSS interviewers were ask to rate the cleanliness of the home they entered. Below is a breakdown of the percent of homes that were rated as very clean:

1. Italians 61.2%
2. Jews 58.9
3. Poles 58.5
4. Scots 57.6
5. English/Welsh 50.2
6. Irish 49.1
7. Germans 48.8
8. American Indians 39.4
9. Mexicans 38.8
10. Blacks 35.4

I've noticed that the bathrooms at the college (which is heavily Hispanic) are dirtier than other institutions where I have taught. There is a lot of garbage along the freeways of this city, and the two times I saw people chucking stuff out the window, they were Hispanic. Evidently, mass illegal immigration is making America less and less clean.

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