Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Are highly educated liberal women just about the most annoying people in the world, or what? I looked at the GSS to see how many women with graduate degrees and who describe themselves as extremely liberal are alone because no man can stand them. For ages 30 to 50, 32% of these women are divorced or separated and another 29% have never been married. So only a minority of these women have been able to find some sucker willing to marry or stay with them. (Of course, some of them have managed to find a willing female partner, though I can't imagine how they get along with each other.)


  1. I read something awhile ago that stated that high IQ women are less likely to marry, while high IQ men were more likely to marry.

  2. An alternative to the "they're the most annoying" hypothesis: they are the most out-of-touch w/ their 1-10 rating due to lack of attention to sex differences in preferences. They're highly educated, but that doesn't get guys hot. They're liberal, thus morally superior in their eyes, but again guys don't care about this in a girl.

    Thus, I'd guess they self-rate as 9s, on avg, even though most guys would rate them as perhaps 5s or 6s on avg. Noticing lack of attention from true male 9s, they hold out just a bit longer -- some day, a male 9 will want her. Eventually they realize men & women are different in preferences, overstate them (men just want to fuck hot girls like dogs), and end up bitter & lonely.

  3. I always read the Personals in the Harvard Alumni Magazine, and 90% of them are high-maintenance (energy and money) liberal women who think they look like movie stars. If they're telling the truth about the characteristics they list (though "sweet + brilliant" is always suspect), the only possible explanation for not being partnered is their world-view and politics.

    Me, I don't resemble any movie star I'd mention, try to think clearly, and make my husband happy. I'm so glad I'm not a Hollywood or Harvard hottie with all the right (Left) opinions.

  4. I think feminism has done a lot of harm to the wellbeing of high IQ American women, especially those attracted to men. In Sex & the City they all got happy endings, not sure that happens too often IRL. Most American men are too sexist/patriarchal to be considered suitable partners. One solution for the women is to go abroad in search of more amenable men (like my wife did). >:)


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