Saturday, May 13, 2006

Compared to the past, twice as many single black women have a herd of kids: I looked at the GSS to see how common it is among different American ethnic groups to be a single mom with many kids. Limiting myself to only those groups with sufficiently large samples, the following groups had no never-married women with 4 or more children: French Canadian, Czech, English/Welsh, French, German, Irish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Scottish, and Swedish. The following groups had a t least some women in this category:

Percent of never-married women with 4+ kids

1. Blacks 11.5%
2. Puerto Ricans 10.4
3. Mexians 3.2
4. American Indians 2.5

Blacks are a large enough group to examine over time, so I compared the 1970s with this decade. In the 1970s, 6.6% of never-married black women (NMBW)had 4 or more kids. Even though the trend among American women over the past few decades has been to have fewer children, in this decade the percent with 4+ kids for NMBW (12.8%) is double the rate seen in the 70s.

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