Monday, May 22, 2006

Comparing straights, gays, bi's, and lesbians: I was curious if various behaviors differ with sexual orientation. I found some interesting facts from the GSS:

Drinks too much
straight men 45.4%
bisexual men 83.3
gay men 48.1

straight women 31.5
bisexual women -- (sample too small)
lesbians 41.7

Gets mental health counseling
straight men 3.1%
bisexual men --
gay men 39.1

straight women 10.7
bisexual women --
lesbians --

Watches porn
straight men 34.9%
bisexual men 48.1
gay men 54.7

straight women 21.2
bisexual women 65.5
lesbians 33.7

Uses drugs
straight men 7.8
bisexual men --
gay men 39.1

straight women 2.6
bisexual women --
lesbians --

straight men 3.8%
bisexual men 13.6
gay men 2.7

straight women 2.3
bisexual women 5.9
lesbians 4.5

I picked these variables because it was my impression that bisexuals, gays, and lesbians have various sorts of trouble, and there is some evidence here to support that.


  1. I thought bisexual women outnumbered lesbians.

  2. According to the GSS, .6% of females are bisexual, and 1.8% are lesbians. (These numbers are based on surveys from 1989 through 2004).

  3. There's strong social pressure these days if you're bisexual to characterise yourself as homosexual, so many women will go through "I'm straight - I'm gay - I'm straight". Those who characterise themselves as bisexual may be more promiscuous, having multiple relationships at once or within a brief span. I think this probably goes for men too - it's much more socially accepted to be a gay man than a bisexual man, so people end up as "I'm a gay man who likes women" rather than "I'm bisexual".

  4. What criterion did the GSS use?

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