Thursday, October 18, 2018

One key difference between people like me and white nationalists

If people didn't know better, they might think from my last post on too much population growth in Africa that I am a white nationalist (WN). I am not. There are crucial differences between them and me.

While members of a movement do not agree on everything, I assume most WNs believe that the white race has an ultimate value, I suppose the ultimate value, at least for whites. My attitude is basically the same as it was 20 years ago. I place a high value on my family, my country, and humanity (and God, if we want to go beyond the natural world). The welfare of these groups tends to be enhanced by white people. Thriving is correlated with whites. They are a means to the desired ends of human success, achievement, and virtuosity. I'm not saying whites are only valuable because they benefit others. I'm saying they have the same value as all humans, but they contribute more. They are needed more.

Since my family and I are white, our fate is tied up with that of whites, but the fate of America and of other races depend on how whites are doing as well. The main difference between me and the run-of-the-mill conservative is that I recognize the overwhelming power of genes. Group differences simply cannot be wished away. The market cannot solve all our problems. We have to deal with these realities. And while I disagree with WNs (I focus on only one difference here), their intelligent representatives are much more in touch with social reality than the Loony Left is.


  1. White Supremacism: Belief that the white race should rule over other races.

    White Superism: Belief that the white race is superior to other races.

    I'm an avowed White Superist but not because I believe, as do you, that whites "increase the welfare of other groups". The white race is the product of the culture of individual integrity as opposed to group integrity. That culture -- that regime of artificial selection -- is more exemplified in the phylogeny of the white race than other races. It is why the white race is not competitive when in the mixed company of other races: groups always beat individuals so long as individuals do not come to a meeting of the minds and _collectively_ and _consciousoly_ recognize that selection for group integrity is the essential nature of war going back as far as the eusocial insects. Once that contractual meeting of the minds obtains, the _moral_ basis for a Declaration of War obtains and the temporarily unified body of individuals of integrity can make short work of the less consciously organized groups.

    This is why _consciousness_ of issues pertaining to evolution is attacked with a ruthless persistence attainable only by group selection of instinctive -- hence non-reflective -- group cohesion.

  2. Question for you: Would omitting the "White" term/label and using, instead, "Western civilization" be more palatable to the masses? The elite-owned media and their mass of well-indoctrinated lackeys have altered the term/label "White" into a negative that automatically creates negative connotations in many folk's minds!!! We ARE at war with tyrannical elites wielding massive forces who are intent upon destroying our beloved Western civilization, cultures, societies and entire countries!!! Europe is the main focus of Western traitors and tyrants across the world. All Western countries are being attacked. We MUST take a stand and defeat those evil forces to prevent us from descending into a New Dark Age.


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