Friday, February 06, 2009

Assimilation is not working now

English/Welsh ancestry (N = 5,022)

Mexican ancestry (N = 1,165)

Let's use Americans of English or Welsh ancestry as a handy standard of assimilation (GSS data). The top chart shows how dropping out of high school went from almost a quarter to lower than 10%. (Only people 25 and over are included). Those completing a 4-year degree or more has almost reached 40%.

According to the bottom graph, those of Mexican ancestry were improving into the 90s, but the trend has reversed in this decade. Now, 40% are high school dropouts and only 10% get a bachelors or more.

Assimilation is not working now. Immigration from Mexico must come to a dead halt and should not be started up again until residents of Mexican background at least resemble typical Americans. If that never happens, so be it.


  1. Anonymous2:39 AM

    40% are dropping out?

    OMG....that will equal a disaster socially and economically.

    What kind of gainful employment can you give such people that will enable them to build stable families and thus be a positive social unit (the family) that simply does not breed crime with out-of-wedlock kids?

    They are beginning to socialize towards black underclass norms, and we live in a welfare state. It will be a ballot-box disaster for the GOP.

    What peeves me at times about my fellow conservatives, is that I read ridiculous unrealistic tripe in comment sections like, "voting should be restricted to people who make over 40 thousand a year" and similar pipe-dream pronouncements. Yeah, just wait on that folks.............its never going to happen.

    The only solution for the GOP is to de-magnetize this nation by blocking benefits for illegals, and to try and enforce existing immigration laws, and get a border fence thats effective built. The Dems (Socialist) plan is to build an electoral hegemony with minorities and single women, and make families and men pay for it. This will eventually kill the goose that lays the golden egg for this society. We aren't Europe, and we have diverse challenges that European nations dont face. Sweedish-style statism would not work here.

    The only way to truly assimilate people of other races here is to allow immigration SLOWLY, and MAKE them learn english as their FIRST language. Slow is of the utmost importance as they cannot be allowed to build burgeoning exclusive "ex-pat" communities, but must be encouraged to take part in "American" activities and culture.

    We should measure assimilatory success by how many Mexicans are getting into football, speaking English exclusively, listen to American music, play silly video games, read books by American authors and see American movies. In other words, how much are their youth acting like middle-class American youth.

    40% drop out rates is not acting like American youth. Its an impending disaster. These kids are NOT going to be satisfied being construction workers like their fathers (legitimate and illegitamite alike) were.

  2. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Anoymous, your last paragraph is dead on. There are some good ideas in there, but I want to note that sites like Numbers USA make it clear that the actual GOP is scarcely more opposed to open borders than the Democrats.

  3. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Oh, my last post was full of crap. Comparing Demo records to Repu, it is clear that Rs have significantly better records. (It is also clear that Montana has some pretty cool Senators.)


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