Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Who frequents prostitutes? Below is the percent of American men of various ethnic groups who say that they have paid for sex:

USA total 16.8%
1. Greeks 27.3
2. Russians 26.1
3. Blacks 24.8
4. Scots 23.5
5. Spain 20.0
6. Hungarians 19.4
7. Italians 19.3
8. Irish 18.1
9. Czechs 17.9
10. French Canadians 17.8
10. Other Canadians 17.8
12. English/Welsh 17.0
13. American Indians 15.3
14. Austrians 15.2
15. Japan 13.0
16. Dutch 12.9
17. Germans 12.8
18. Poles 12.5
19. Danes 10.5
20. Mexicans 10.0
21. Puerto Ricans 9.6
22. Filipinos 9.4
23. East Indians 7.5
24. Chinese 5.1

So, we would include in the high rate group: eastern and southern Europeans and blacks. Central and northern Europeans are in the middle, and Hispanics and Asians are at the bottom. Comments? This pattern does conform to the idea that blacks and whites have stronger sex drives than Asians. I'll post more on ethnicity and sexual behavior.


  1. With blacks it is a matter of honor to say you never had to pay for sex; blacks think they are irresistable to women. Most of the remaining responses are probably fairly honest. Greeks and Russians(Jews)being at the top of the scale reflects that the fact that they have the highest incomes of white ethnic groups.

  2. Greek are not high income, I don't know where you get that idea.

    Accourding to US census they earn 27% more than the average US income, somewhat less than the English and the Scotch-Irish , at 29% and 30% above the average.

    Russians (jews) are by far the richest group, with more than twice the national average.

  3. What I mean is that Greeks are not excetional for white groups, earning roughly as much as Poles, Swedes, Danes and Italians, and less than English, Welsh, Scotch-Irish, Swiss and groups from easterns europe with a lot of smart jewis.

    The largest group, the Germans, do supricingly bad for white grups, only 10% above national income.

  4. Wouldn't it be more reliable to ask the hookers about their clients?

  5. I didn't realize that Russians was a code word for Jews.


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