Monday, May 08, 2006

Russian--code word for Jewish? Some readers have assumed that Russian-Americans are generally Jewish. How accurate is this? According to the GSS, 51% of them are. Fourteen percent are Protestant, 14% Catholic, 6% other, 1% Orthodox, and 14% belong to no religion. So, they are half right.


  1. How many of those Jews are Atheist Jews I wonder? Or are those the ones covered by "no religion"?

  2. A little trick I use for identity in ecological correlations: Look at two identities you suspect might be identical to each other and, rather than just running a correlation between them, run what might be called their similarity profile, which is how similarly they correlate with other identities. This is a much stronger statement of identity.

    When you do so with Russians and Jews in America you notice an elongated, diagonal cross in the scattergram, where the major axis is what you expect from a high identity between them but the minor axis tells you of a very different, inverse, identity that appears closer to what you would expect from Scandinavian identity. I suspect this represents descendants of some pioneer Russian immigrants who still list "Russian" as their primary nation of origin.

  3. Think about this:

    Accourding to the censu of 1990 Russians earned 2.5 times as much as the US average. If in that sample half were jewish, and if the non-jewish russians earned the white average, russian jews earn 3.8 times the US average income.


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