Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Jews and classical music: According to anti-Semites, Jews work to undermine the best of Western culture. If this were true, wouldn't they be the first to entomb classical music? But just the opposite is true: the GSS tells us how many people really enjoy this kind of music, and no ethnic group likes it more than Jews:

1. Jews 36%
2. Scots 31
3. English/Welsh 23
3. Dutch 23
5. Germans 18
5. Irish 18
7. Italians 17
8. Blacks 12
8. Mexicans 12
10. American Indians 9

Our old immigrants loved Rossini. Our new ones love ranchera (I know--I'm punished with it as I search for NPR).

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  1. Does this really make up for Howard Stern?



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