Friday, May 12, 2006

American Muslims want the most kids: I looked at the GSS to find out what people consider to be the ideal family size. For all Americans, the mean is 2.5. By the way, the fact the average woman has fewer than 2 kids shows that people are not able to have as many kids as they would like. Presumably, this is because people feel they cannot afford them. (Of course, some people cannot have children). Comparing religious affiliations, Muslims want the most kids:

Mean number of children desired
1. Muslims 2.9
2. Catholics 2.6
3. Protestants 2.5
4. Jews 2.4
5. None 2.3
6. Buddhists 2.1

Not surprisingly, the desired number of children rises with conservatism. Roughly 40% of American Muslims are black: they want an average of 3.1 kids (compared to 2.8 for black Protestants). Muslims who say they are white only want 1.7 children: those saying their race is "other" want 3.0 children.


  1. how many percante of blacks are muslim?

  2. In spite of all the attention that Farrakhan gets, they are a small group: .3% of all black Americans.

  3. Do Farrakhan's followers represent that entire .3%?

    I have seen statistics that say that his following is only about 20,000 nationwide.

  4. Based on the GSS, there are an estimated 110,000 Americans who are black and Muslim. Twenty thousand members of the Nation of Islam sounds about right, leaving 90,000 mainstream black Muslims (maybe mainstream isn't the right word). By the way, the GSS also estimates only 296,000 total Muslims in the country--a much smaller number than other estimates.

  5. Hmmm. I know that it is not easy to take these kinds of stats, but based on my visits to cities like New York, Philadelphia, Detroit and Chicago, and seeing the number of Muslims in those places, the 296,000 figure seems low. There is also a good number of them where I live in the DC area in N. Virginia. But then again, those are just five cities. The heartland's numbers have to be almost negligible

    Of course I have no evidence, but I would think the number is probably closer to 800,000 to 1 million or so.

  6. According to Morgan Spurlock the USA is 2% Muslim, ie 6 million!


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