Monday, May 29, 2006

Colin Powell is not alone! West Indians serve the most in the military: On this Memorial Day, let's take a look at which American ethnic groups have devoted themselves the most to military service. Listed below is an index of length of time served among native-born Americans (0=no time, 1=less than 2 years, 2=2 to 4 years, 3=more than 4 years):

1.West Indians .86
2. French Canadians .51
3. Poles .50
4. Lithuanians .49
5. Scots .47
5. English/Welsh .47
7. Belgians .42
8. Germans .41
9. French .40
9. Austrians .40

U.S. average .39

11. Irish .38
11. Portuguese .38
13. Czechs .37
14. Finns .36
14. Norwegians .36
16. Swedes .35
17. Russians .34
17. Blacks .34
17. Mexicans .34
20. Dutch .33
20. Hungarians .33
20. Japanese .33
23. Italians .31
23. American Indian .31
25. Rumanians .30
26. Danes .27
26. Greeks .27
28. Chinese .25
29. Yugoslavs .22
29. Indian .22
31. Swiss .21
31. Spain .21
33. Puerto Ricans .06

Two Caribbean groups are on opposite ends of the scale here: the pathetic Puerto Ricans fall way below everyone else here, and they don't have the excuse of all going to college like, for example, Asian groups do. And the image of America not being able to defend itself without all those patriotic black and Mexican recruits is not borne out by these data: both groups fall below the American average, in spite of their low levels of education. (Of course, as Steve Sailer has documented so well, some of the problem here is low scores on entrance examinations).


  1. Does the saying, "There are no atheists in fox holes have any truth?"

  2. Catman9:18 PM

    Does Irish cover both Catholics and "Scotch-irish?"

  3. Anonymous10:19 PM


    What is the IQ of West Indians?

  4. West Indians in UK seem to have IQ similar to African-Americans, ca 85. West Indians in USA may have a good bit higher median IQ I suspect.

    For military service I agree we Scots-Irish needs to be a separate category, we likely have a much higher US military service rate than Catholic Irish.

  5. This is probably age-influenced due to the elimination of the draft about 35 years ago. Older groups will have had lots of draftees. Younger groups like Puerto Ricans will have relatively few draftees.

    I tabulated the religions stamped on dog tags of current military personnel here:

  6. Steve: I limited the analysis to recent years and to men under 50, and, while all the rates are lower as you implied, the rankings stay basically the same. Puerto Ricans,for example, are still at the bottom with a score of .06.

  7. When the analysis is limited to younger men, the rate does drop steeply for Jews down to .10.

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