Tuesday, May 02, 2006

In America, which ethnic group is most ethnocentric? The General Social Survey asked respondents if they think about social and political issues as Americans or as members of an ethnic group. The obvious choice is blacks, right? Well yeah, there's no news there. Listed below are the percent who answered ethnic group:

1. Blacks 43.5%
2. Mexicans 21.9
3. Jews 15.8
4. Italians 12.0
5. American Indians 7.8
6. Irish 5.1
7. Scots 4.8
8. English/Welsh 2.5
9. Germans .9

With massive Mexican illegal immigration, we might be creating yet another nation within a nation. It surprises me that Jews and Italians are more ethnocentric than American Indians! But for most white groups, just about all sense of ethnicity has vanished.


  1. What's funny is that this list is in almost perfect inverse order from how the media stereotypically portrays these groups in terms of ethnocentricity and bias: the Germans want to conquer the world, the WASPs are super snooty and exclusive, etc. etc.

  2. Well, the media doesn’t really say Germans *with American ancestry* want to invade the world?

    Media does not comment on blacks not identifying themselves as Americans (or excuses it as justified reaction to oppression if it does). But within whites, certainly the media image is reasonable: Jews, Italians and Irish are most distinct groups, whereas English and Germans often barely know their ancestry.

    I can’t even remember a movie or TV where American German ancestry mattered. The closes thing I can come up with is Tom Hagans “I am German-Irish” from the Godfather.

  3. tino_g,

    Please try rephrasing that. It's not "Germans with American ancestry" -- that would refer to people living in Germany who immigrated from America. It's "Americans with German ancestry" that the media doesn't say want to conquer the world.

  4. I think it's hopeful that the Mexican % isn't even higher, though I expect it will increase. Also hopeful that the black % is under 50% considering the social pressures black Americans face to put race before nation.

  5. That's a sharp observation there, Steve.

    The people who bitch about racism are the most racist.


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