Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mexican teens have the worst behavior: Everyone knows that, as a group, black teenagers behave worse than others, right? A great deal of thought is given to this troubling group. Well, evidently not enough thought is being given to the Mexican teenage problem. After all, it hasn't been blacks recently using politics as an excuse to skip school. Growing up, I went to school with blacks and Mexicans. Blacks were friendly--my best friend was black. My little brother and I never got into fights with people, but the one time that each of us did, it was with bullying Mexicans. The Health Behavior in School-Aged Children survey asked thousands of teens about bad behavior, and it turns out that Mexicans have the worst numbers:

Truant 4+ days last semester
White 10%
Black 12
Mexican 19

Marijuana use, weekly or more
White 7
Black 8
Mexican 9

Ever tried cocaine
White 5
Black 4
Mexican 10

Ever carry weapon
White 8
Black 12
Mexican 14

Bullies others
White 7
Black 15
Mexican 19

Frequent fighting
White 14
Black 17
Mexican 17

This romantic notion of Mexicans as model citizens must be dispelled.

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