Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Shazam! Being in school with blacks and Hispanics is scary: Steve Sailer corrected the interpretation of a study that concluded that racial diversity in school leads to a feeling of safety. I am familiar with data that contradict this idea. The Health Behavior in School-Aged Children is a large, nationally representative sample of children ages 11 to 18. They were asked how safe do they feel at school. If ethnic heterogeneity predicts feeling safe, we should find that whites are the most frightenened racial group since they attend the most homogeneous schools (i.e., mostly white). But we find just the opposite: whites are the most fear-free group. Listed below are the mean scores for feeling very safe:

Whites 3.99
Asians 3.70
American Indians 3.61
Hispanics 3.58
Pacific Islanders 3.54
Blacks 3.54

All minorities groups are more fearful than whites, and all minority groups are likely to attend mixed schools, especially Hispanics and blacks.

So, as usual, the facts are in direct contradiction to PC "theorizing." These stats show that students who are around the most dangerous kids (blacks and Hispanics) are the most afraid, and those who are around the least dangerous kids (whites and Asians) are the most comfortable. Occam's Razor, like Sailer says.

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