Sunday, May 21, 2006

Jews do not think white Southerners have too much influence: A reader has suggested that, while Jews are not anti-Christian, they are in favor of Christianity have less influence in American society. The GSS does not ask about this, but it does ask if you think that southern whites have too much influence. While 12% percent of all Americans and 33% of blacks agree, only 9% of Jews do. Frankly, this low number surprises me since I figured that most Jews are liberals, and many liberals resent the influence of conservative Christians. But there it is.


  1. It doesn't surprise me. When you say Southern Christians I picture Cletus on The Simpsons.
    If the question was asked differently, like do Conservative Christians have much influence?, the results would be much stronger.

  2. It might be that anti-Christianity Christmas-banning Jews are only a small minority of all American Jews, even though they're very influential in the media? I guess most American Jews recognise the unconditional support which most southern Christians give to Israel and to Jews. From my experience (as a visitor to America) of the Christian South, there is a very strong view of the Jews as the chosen people and a religious duty to support Israel. It's not surprising if this results in some reciprocal good feelings.


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