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Monday, April 07, 2008

Goodbye, Mr. Heston

Charles Heston's passing is one more marker of cultural decline. Where are the days when movie stars were 6' 3" and loved to hunt in their free time? He was a little before my time, but my parents were wise enough to raise me on real-man role models. Every Easter growing up, I saw this guy tell Yul Brenner--a pretty tough guy himself--to repent or be destroyed, and I watched him open a can of whoop ass on a golden calf. (Only later did I ask myself, "Why is the whole country watching Moses' story on a day when we're celebrating Jesus' resurrection?").

On the other side of the cultural divide, my female teachers, and female classmates later on tried to turn me into a woman with a penis, and it might have worked if the conditioning hadn't run up against the image of a Man--someone who looked something like Charlton Heston.

So, in his honor I just watched him kick ass with a chariot in Ben Hur. You should also check out Touch of Evil if you haven't already. A fine movie with a fine actor.