Monday, May 01, 2006

Which American ethnic group is the angriest? We are told that black Americans are so violent because unjust treatment fills them with rage, which in turn gets taken out on convenient targets. But are they really that angry? The GSS asked respondents how many days per week do they feel anger at someone. I tabulated the share of those who say at least 5 days:

1. Italians 13.7%
2. Mexicans 11.2
3. Scots 9.3
4. Blacks 9.2
5. American Indians 8.3
6. Irish 6.9
7. Poles 6.2
8. Jews 6.0
9. Germans 5.6
10. English/Welsh 5.2

Scots outrank blacks here, but when was the last time you heard about a Scottish drive-by? "So what color rag does your gang fly?" "Uhhh...plaid."

The Italian numbers fit the Joe Pesci stereotype, but I thought Mexicans were those cute and gentle little guys selling flowers in the middle of the road?

Anyway, one more attempt to link bad black behavior to white racism gets a sock in the nose.

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