Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mexicans love government: A reader suggested that I look to see if Mexican-Americans (MA) are liberal on goverment spending. I calculated the following numbers (using the GSS):

Very strongly agree that government should reduce income differences
Blacks 33%
MA 24%
All Americans 18%

Agree that government is right on track with concern about social welfare
Blacks 79%
MA 80%
All Americans 73%

Very strongly agree that government should help pay for medical care
Blacks 47%
MA 34%
All Americans 29%

Very strongly agree that government should improve our standard of living
Blacks 37%
MA 26%
All Americans 17%

Very strongly agree that government should do more
Blacks 31%
MA 24%
All Americans 14%

So it's true that Mexicans believe in government spending more than the general population. Blacks are notorious for believing that government is the answer to everything--MAs are somewhere between blacks and everyone else. It doesn't surprise me when poor groups look to government as the way up. What surprises me is when I see the love affair between wealthy groups and government (e.g., Jews and Chinese).

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