Monday, May 08, 2006

More on Jews: The question was raised about the beliefs of Russian-American Jews. GSS data indicates that 5% are atheists, 21% are agnostic, and the rest are believers. As for Russian Americans who have no religion, we don't know how many of them are of Jewish ancestry, but if any are, they chose to say "no religion" rather than "Jewish."

I was also curious about how the breakdown of the mother countries from which Jews have emigrated to the U.S.:

1. Russia 42%
2. Poland 15
3. Germany 9
4. Hungary 5
5. Rumania 3
5. England 3
7. Lithuania 2
7. Italy 2
9. Other European countries 5

So a clear plurality of American Jews are originally from Russia. We can say that in America many Russians are Jews, and many Jews are Russians. I'm surprised how few are from Germany.

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  1. Germany never had a very high Jewish population. And most were murdered during the Holocaust.

    Back in the early 1800's between 10-25% of German Jews converted due to societal pressures.

    Anti-semitism was very high in Germany in the 19th and of course 20th Century.

    I'm wondering about your stats in terms of actual numbers(is this to do with new immigrants, first or second generation?). I'm third generation Canadian and I lost no close relations in the Holocaust. And my ancestors came from all over, Poland, Romania and the Middle East, mostly in the late 19th Century and Early 20th Century.

    Personally, I would answer a survey, ethnicity: Jewish, religion: none or Atheist.


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