Saturday, May 20, 2006

Nobody likes Muslims except for Catholics and Muslims: The General Social Survey asked Americans in 2004 about they felt about Muslims. Answering between zero to 50 indicated "cool," and 50-100 indicated "warm." Here are the means for people of various religions:

Warmth toward Muslims
Protestants 50.4
Catholics 54.4
Jewish 35.0
None 47.9
Muslims 83.3

So Catholics are the only group with a warm average. Protestants are neutral, Jews are clearly cold, and people with no religion are slightly cold. (I checked to see how coldly Muslims feel toward Jews--their average is 44.2.). Muslims feel warmer toward their own than any other religious group. (In a previous post, Jews and Catholics were around 80). Maybe this is why so few are outspoken against their terrorist co-religionists.


Intellectual Pariah said...

I don't know about your summary: Catholics and Protestants basically feel the same way, with Catholics a tiny bit better disposed.

Ron Guhname said...

Point taken, but I will say that the Catholic mean is higher than the overall mean at a statistically significant level--the Protestant mean is below the overall mean (but not significantly).

Intellectual Pariah said...

Yes, but there's a strong tendency for Protestants to be close to the mean, simply because the average American is a Protestant. If the religious breakdown were 60% Catholic, 30% Protestant, 10% Other, Protestants would showed statistically significant deviations from the mean on more issues.