Thursday, August 16, 2018

Libertarians do not have high IQs

I used General Social Survey data in an attempt to identify libertarians.  If respondents answered yes to "Wealthy people pay way too much taxes" and "Marijuana should be legalized," I categorized them as a libertarian.

Next, based on a vocabulary quiz, I calculated IQ for people born in the US (tests may be biased against those for whom English is a second language). I set the mean at 97. (It's typically set at 100 for a white sample, but the US is over 30% non-white).

The data indicated that, according to my measure, 14% of Americans are libertarians. The mean IQ for this group is 96.2. The mean for everyone else is 96.3. For some reason, the people who asked and answered these two questions were a little lower than the 97 average. The takeaway, however, is that there is no evidence here that libertarians are smarter than others.  I'm sure many of these people don't have a developed libertarian ideology: they simple want people to be able to do what they want, and they don't like high taxes even for wealthy people. I bet that ideological libertarians would have a higher than average IQ.  

Monday, August 13, 2018

Liberals are the ULTIMATE scapegoaters

Liberals like to explain Trump like this: He has succeeded by blaming white people's problems on non-whites.

In other words, the President is a big-time scapegoater. Like Hitler blaming Jews for Germany's troubles, Trump supposedly appeals to our basest instincts.

Let's side aside the fact that Trump has consistently criticized NON-AMERICANS, not non-whites. Cheating, lying sons of bitches that liberals are, they always turn everything into an opportunity to call us (subhuman) racists.

But the truth is that Leftists are the supreme scapegoaters of ALL TIME. They set the example going back more than 200 years.

Like the Nazi who sees a Jew behind every social problem, liberals claim that EVERY injustice is the fault of rich people. All paths lead to the FAT CATS. They are evil incarnate.

And if the Left gets the opportunity, they will holocaust anyone who even seems well-off. My wife's Ukrainian great grandfather was sent to Siberia because he owned two horses and had six kids. Naturally he was a filthy rich, evil kulak.

Nazi hatred for Jews has got nothing on Leftist hatred of successful people.

We can go to Nietzsche to get an explanation of their psychology. He calls it ressentiment. Capitalism has kicked socialist ass for two centuries, so the losers transform their sense of inferiority into hatred of their betters. And so they wound their enemy with lies. If they get power, they imprison and murder them.

And because so many of us are tempted by this hatred of the rich, we have let them get away with their malignant scapegoating.

Of course, the Left's latest move has been to replace the wealthy with whites as the demonic source of all suffering. But that's another post.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Men have bigger brains than women, and the gap is HUGE!

This meta-analysis synthesized the results of 126 studies that used various measures to compare the brains of males and females. The results are amazing. Males not only have larger brains than females, on average: the difference is huge! Depending on how the brain is measured, the difference is between 1 and more than 3 standard deviations. The average guy has a brain that is more than 50 milliliters larger than the average female.

Male and female brain volumes are different in almost 30 areas of the brain. And it's not just size: male grey matter is denser in 7 areas.

The most important region for the difference is the limbic system, which is an emotional center. The big male advantage is on the left side of the limbic. Females are larger in the language areas of the right hemisphere.

I was surprised to read that sex differences were not located in areas of the brain in charge of spatial tasks since men have an advantage here, nor did the researchers find a difference in the corpus callosum, the region that connects the two sides of the brain. Women are said to have better integrated hemispheres, but this region does not appear to be larger in females.

The authors did not go into sex differences in behavior that might stem from brain differences, although they did mention the language difference. Women might get their advantage over men in verbal fluency from larger language areas in the brain.

The large limbic system in men suggests males and females will differ emotionally. Perhaps the larger, more dense limbic system enables greater integration with the frontal lobes which are in charge of rational thought. Men might be better at disengaging the feeling-thinking connection, giving them an advantage at a detached, systematizing style of thinking. Women are much better than men at empathizing--a more personal, less abstract style of thinking. These differences produce many men who are good at, say, engineering, and many women who have excellent interpersonal skills.

The brain differences emerge in young children, although there aren't enough studies to show this definitively. So how boys and girls are brought up probably has little to do with the gender gap. Vive la difference!

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Blacks are becoming white

When African slaves were first brought to America, they were of course 100% sub-Saharan African. Fast forward to the present day, and gene studies estimate the blacks are, on average, about 20% white.

Black-white interbreeding is common today, and since any mixed raced kids are considered black, white genes flow into the black population today, and they will continue to flow. For how long, I don't know.

If it lasts for hundreds of years, blacks could actually become more than 50% white. They'll be more white than black. This seems to already be the case with Hispanics (more white than American Indian, on average).

Those people who claim that racial mixing will solve the race problem are probably wrong. Many of the most radical blacks or Hispanics are half white or more. Malcolm X, no white lover he, had a lot of white ancestry. Of course, this is the case for Obama, too.

If past trends continue, blacks and whites will be closer and closer genetically, but the conflict will continue.

Monday, August 06, 2018

Which race hates whites the most?

Sarah Jeong's anti-white tweets raise a question: Which race hates whites the most? 

The American General Social Survey (GSS) asked 15,822 people, "In general, how closely do you feel to whites? Answers ranged on a 9-point scale from "not close at all" (which received a score of 1) to "very close" (scored as a 9). Let's assume that people who answer 1 to 3 do not like whites. 

People were also asked which country their family originally came from. Here are the percentages who do not like whites by ethnic group:

Percent not liking whites

Black  11.7
Mexican  9.3
Asian Indian  8.7
All non-whites  8.0
Puerto Rican  7.6
Chinese  7.3
Arab  6.1
American Indian  2.8
Japanese  2.1
Whites  2.0
Filipinos  0.0

The GSS does not identify Koreans--Ms. Jeong's ethnic group--but Asians differ. Chinese American have the most haters, while Filipinos like whites better than whites like themselves. Japanese Americans also have a low percentage. 

While blacks and Mex-Ams have the most haters of any racial groups, racism isn't limited to poor minorities. Asian Indians are right behind these two groups. 

American Indians have low numbers, but many of these folks are whites like Elizabeth Warren who like to cling to some supposed Indian ancestry. If we limit Indians to those who also say they are non-white, the number goes up to 6.9%.

Overall, I see these numbers as encouraging. Even among blacks, the vast majority do not dislike whites as a race of people.

UPDATE: I neglected to include Jews. Of the 272 Jewish Americans who were asked the question, 2.2% answered 1 through 3--not much different than other whites. 

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Meta-analysis: More cops, less crime

The American Left seems to believe that police don't reduce crime, they commit it.

This meta-analysis of 12 qualifying studies reports that increasing the number of sworn officers in a police force indeed reduces crime.

The impact differs depending on the type of crime. Most crime is done no one is looking, so police patrol might not be so relevant for crimes like rape.

Police presence seems most effective for car theft or assaults. Since cars are often stolen while parked in a public place, more patrolling might make a difference.

Assaults also happen frequently in public places like bars. The typical scenario is when one young drinking guy insults another young drinking guy, and mutual combat begins. Lots of cops around might make people think twice about starting a public brawl.

Keep in mind that the study found the impact of police force size to be fairly small. It helps, but not that much.

Friday, August 03, 2018

Meta-analysis of 58 studies: "Oppressed" Hispanics live longer than White Americans

This meta-analysis of 58 studies documented the "Hispanic Paradox": Latinos are generally healthier and live longer than whites and blacks. To be specific, their rate of dying is 18% lower than that of other Americans.

This kind of finding keeps sociologists up at night because racism by whites is supposed to destroy brown lives, and yet Hispanics outlive whites, and what do people care about more than being alive?

The obvious candidate explanation is that genes are the reason Hispanics live so long, and the authors do manage to write two or three words about the possibility.

Sociologists are also very troubled to find that women live so much longer than men since male oppression, they tell us, absolutely crushes the female soul. And right on time, feminists dream up a million reasons why the sex difference is NOT biological. God forbid we actually develop explanations that fit the data. 

The study also reports that Asians live even longer than Hispanics. But how can any minority overcome the Evil White Man? Not only are Asians non-white, many are non-Christian. And many are immigrants. And we all know Trump's Deplorables--the power structure of this country (ha!)--despise anyone who is not white, Christian, and American.

So, again, how is it possible that Asian Americans are so healthy? How is it that they are so much more educated than the White Devil, and make so much more money than him? Maybe because liberals are 100% delusional, and genes explain these patterns.

Libertarians do not have high IQs

I used General Social Survey data in an attempt to identify libertarians.  If respondents answered yes to "Wealthy people pay way too m...