Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Blacks are becoming white

When African slaves were first brought to America, they were of course 100% sub-Saharan African. Fast forward to the present day, and gene studies estimate the blacks are, on average, about 20% white.

Black-white interbreeding is common today, and since any mixed raced kids are considered black, white genes flow into the black population today, and they will continue to flow. For how long, I don't know.

If it lasts for hundreds of years, blacks could actually become more than 50% white. They'll be more white than black. This seems to already be the case with Hispanics (more white than American Indian, on average).

Those people who claim that racial mixing will solve the race problem are probably wrong. Many of the most radical blacks or Hispanics are half white or more. Malcolm X, no white lover he, had a lot of white ancestry. Of course, this is the case for Obama, too.

If past trends continue, blacks and whites will be closer and closer genetically, but the conflict will continue.

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  1. It will continue, but also change. A whiter African-American population will probably be less dysfunctional, and black dysfunction is the underlying reason for a lot of these issues.


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