Monday, August 06, 2018

Which race hates whites the most?

Sarah Jeong's anti-white tweets raise a question: Which race hates whites the most? 

The American General Social Survey (GSS) asked 15,822 people, "In general, how closely do you feel to whites? Answers ranged on a 9-point scale from "not close at all" (which received a score of 1) to "very close" (scored as a 9). Let's assume that people who answer 1 to 3 do not like whites. 

People were also asked which country their family originally came from. Here are the percentages who do not like whites by ethnic group:

Percent not liking whites

Black  11.7
Mexican  9.3
Asian Indian  8.7
All non-whites  8.0
Puerto Rican  7.6
Chinese  7.3
Arab  6.1
American Indian  2.8
Japanese  2.1
Whites  2.0
Filipinos  0.0

The GSS does not identify Koreans--Ms. Jeong's ethnic group--but Asians differ. Chinese American have the most haters, while Filipinos like whites better than whites like themselves. Japanese Americans also have a low percentage. 

While blacks and Mex-Ams have the most haters of any racial groups, racism isn't limited to poor minorities. Asian Indians are right behind these two groups. 

American Indians have low numbers, but many of these folks are whites like Elizabeth Warren who like to cling to some supposed Indian ancestry. If we limit Indians to those who also say they are non-white, the number goes up to 6.9%.

Overall, I see these numbers as encouraging. Even among blacks, the vast majority do not dislike whites as a race of people.

UPDATE: I neglected to include Jews. Of the 272 Jewish Americans who were asked the question, 2.2% answered 1 through 3--not much different than other whites. 

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