Monday, May 01, 2006

I shopped and spent $137.56 today--did anyone beat me? I wish every day could be like today. As I traveled around the city, shopping and getting something eat, I couldn't detect the slightest sign of system disruption. The only difference was that the traffic was a little lighter, and the stores were a bit less crowded with short people speaking words I cannot understand. A few Mexican restaurants were closed, but there are too many of those anyway. At least in my city, the impact of the May Day protest was on the order of whispery flatulant.


  1. Spent that much in gas! Drive alot on business.

  2. I can't say I outspent you, but as near as I could tell Austin, Texas, was completely unaffected by the boycott. Also unaffected (as near as I could tell) by demonstrations at some city-funded Victim's Rec Center and a march along the lovely Cesar Chavez Ave.

    What's really interesting about this is that Austinites are frequently bombarded with the idea that the city is completely supported by illegal immigrants. Whether or not this is true, yesterday showed Austinites who believed in the importance of illegals that we can do without them just fine.


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