Saturday, March 26, 2016

Why do white liberals in Red States vote for Bernie?

Why do these predominantly white Red States vote for Bernie in the primaries/caucuses? Is there a polarization that goes on? For example, in my mostly white state, about 60% vote Republican and 40% Democrat. The Republicans tend to be ordinary, religious folks. The Democrats are not religious and tend to be hipsters. I wonder if the progressives prefer the more extreme Democrat candidate because their politics are, in part, a reaction to state domination by conservatives. "I want to be the opposite of those bigoted squares," and Hillary is not a sufficiently extreme contrast. Why else would they vote so differently from their demographically similar neighbors? 


  1. Because they are too young and/ or ill informed to know the appeals of socialism are illusionary, that it is a wrong headed....even evil ideology.

  2. chris3:00 AM

    They have low v because they weren't spanked as children or engaged in contact sports in their teens.

  3. Anonymous11:43 AM

    My guess is they pick up Working Class concern from their neighbours, aren't Conservative socially, so vote for the candidate who seems to have some concern for the Working Class (not Clinton). Seems pretty simple to me.

  4. Santoculto8:12 AM

    ''liberals'' are short term perceptive creatures, on avgr of course. ''Conservatives'' also have this approach but they tend to be relatively long term materialistic/evolutionary-goal-leaning specially the (cognitively) smarter cons.

    So liberals, as a hypnotizable culture-enphasisers, who live in utopic cities tend to be less informed about what really happen in the american corners than those who live there, in red states, overwhelming poorer, comparatively speaking, and with a lot inter-racial issues.

    Other possibility is that liberals who will vote for Saunders are just, on avg, smarter than those who will vote for Killary, or LESS femanly illogical. White working classes tend to be more concentrated among red states is not**

    Old style ''socialists'', more conservative and less ''new left/Gramscianists''.

    Other possibilities is that many of the whites who will vote for Killary are not really white but jewish, the problem is to know the real % of american people who have some jewish ancestry, first.

    Other other possibilities, jews, homos, blacks and other groups are more, on avgr, prone to be cinical about politics and vote for those who say implicitly that will support their group-agendas.

    Many of liberals are just liberals because personal agenda, like, many of homos are just liberals because liberalism support their agenda.

    Liberalism is firstly a social construction because gather very different/discrepant people and with the final goal to the down the defense system of white people.


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