Monday, December 15, 2008

A message to all blockheads: I just had a dream that some moron read my blog and went out and committed a hate crime. This is the kind of thing I never think about because stupid people don't like numbers, and the readers here are not that kind of people, not by a long stretch. But there is always that one percent who have something wrong with them, so a message to them: Always obey the law, and get some professional help.

This blog is devoted to getting the facts out and to stating things boldly, but I condemn the mistreatment of anyone and everyone. I'm against hatred, animosity, and ill will of any kind.

The data show again and again that groups differ, but groups are one thing and individuals another. When dealing with a person, focus on his actions, not which group he belongs to. The best way to know what he is like is to find out what he is like. It's a wise policy to always treat people with respect, whether they deserve it or not. It's hard for someone to treat you like a jerk when you don't reciprocate.

Probably the most controversial thing I do here is to document social problems in the Hispanic community. I worry about the well-being of my country, but it is not my intention to demean anyone. There are millions of Latinos who are more moral, more intelligent, more accomplished, and more attractive than I am. As I wrote before, I am in favor of people coming to the country who make a net contribution to its success.

Now I can go back to sleep.


  1. It's a wise policy to always treat people with respect, whether they deserve it or not.

    Yeah, I should have told that to my Army Drill Sergeant.

    Memories from the less gentle days before coed basic training.

  2. It's a wise policy to always treat people with respect, whether they deserve it or not.

    Especially if they have "legitimate" power over you. It's not cowardice, it's Christian. Just remember the words of Quaker peace protester Donnie "The Punk" Donaldson before he died of AIDS:

    "When the blacks were raping me while I was imprisoned for the Pray In I was part of, I felt like I was paying for racist sins of white men."

    I think the current view is a bit more secular though:

    Government-sponsored study has concluded that rape and sexual assault behind bars may be rampant in movies and books but are rare in real life.

    “Prison rape worldview doesn’t interpret sexual pressure as coercion,” he [Mark Fleisher: the government’s principle investigator - JAB] wrote. “Rather, sexual pressure ushers, guides or shepherds the process of sexual awakening.”

    It's really important to be respectful of the minority men while they are awakening you to your congenital homosexuality. And if you ever think of breaking the law... just remember what the legitimate government, that ocean of compassion, has in store for you in their corrections institutions:

    Sexual awakening!

    Give peace a chance.

  3. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Mark Fleisher deserves a slow and painful death after being "awakened" in prison for a decade or 3. And these "people" are in power today.

    This nation is up for sale and these are the sellers.

  4. Here's a little parable for our problem:

    Our intrepid Inductivist -- he pokes here and there with his tools and finds we are all being herded onto this rather disturbingly hot black landscape sometimes belching sulfurous fumes.

    Then he has a disturbing dream: One day his probing causes the surface to crack -- nay -- to collapse into a yellow-orange liquid hell flowing 90 miles an hour beneath the deceptively solid black crust. People fall in, flare-up and are consumed. He recoils at horror -- he feels responsible for this.

    But did he create the hellish liquid torrent? Did he herd us onto the black stone shell in the name of "tolerance"?

    Indeed, his only fault is that in his probing he has called too much attention to the sulfurous fumes and excessive heat of the landscape -- without seeing the Hell to which we, the "tolerant", are damned by the ruling theocracy if we fail to flee it with urgent deliberation.

  5. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Wouldn't if be funny if a leftist went to sleep and had a nightmare that their support for affirmative action, their denial of black-on-white hate crime and gang rape, and their tacitly making common cause with Islamic fundamentalists caused some violence.

    Sort of posits that a leftist can have a conscience, don't it?


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