Monday, December 08, 2008

He's gotta a big head. You know what THAT means....

Okay. I couldn't resist. Make of it what you will. This German condom institute invited men online to measure the length and girth of their penises. More than 10,000 men from 25 European countries submitted their measurements. I correlated the means with national level IQs taken from Sailer's table of Lynn's data. Here are the numbers:

Pearson Correlation

Length-girth .80
Length-IQ .63
Girth-IQ .43

I expected that I'd find nothing or perhaps an inverse correlation, but wow, a positive one. Does God have to give it ALL to some guys??!!


  1. Anonymous7:26 AM

    I take it the data on penis size is self-reported, so I would be skeptical as to how accurate it is.

  2. Right, but if the average guy in each country exaggerates the same, the correlation is still valid.

  3. Previously I've found indicators there is a "Flynn Effect" for penis size, which is likely little more than part of the secular trend of increasing height and weight within and across countries that accompanies development.

  4. Anonymous1:51 PM


    Bust sizes have also increased over the years according to bra manufacturers.

    Do you think men and women now are better looking than they were, say, 100 years ago?

    When I look at old black and white photos, I think men look about as good as they do now but women were much more plain looking than today.

  5. Ecological correlations are invalid.

    (Sorry, Ron, I've been waiting to use that little turd of sophistry on someone for years. You just lucked out.)

  6. Jason - does this "Flynn Effect" work kind of like the other, where despite apparent gains the racial gap remains?

  7. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Didn't Rushton claim that penis length and intelligence was negatively correlated?


  8. Anonymous9:31 AM

    This is the kind of topic where you can't trust self-reported answers.

    I demonstrated that men lie about their height, this is probably the same thing.

  9. The quality of the survey is an issue, but it doesn't strictly matter if the men are lying, because the analysis is about relations not magnitude. Unless there is an analogous relationship between national IQ and exaggerating about penis size.

    I'm sure you could take self-reported height from Norway to Turkey and get a very similar correlation between nations than if you took measurements, despite the fact that men lie about it within every country.

    The reason for the association is that latitude in Europe is significantly correlated with both IQ and body size (starting with higher birth weight, which is a correlate of adult size and IQ). Genital dimensions are just yoked with total body dimensions.

    See also: Bergmann's Rule.

  10. Anonymous1:20 PM

    The data here is from European counties. Perhaps within the European data set this correlation is true, but across worldwide data sets its not?

    Asians have the highest IQ while reportadly having the smallest genitalia. Africans the the opposite.

    So on the sub-scale it may be that the correlation is there, while on the macro It may be the opposite.

    IOW, within Euro, African, or Asian populations, penis size may correlate with IQ, while on the world wide scale the opposite is true.

    Global penis size seems to correlate with climate. Colder regions produce smaller penises. Any man who has lived in a cold environment knows what happens to the penis when its cold; it gets smaller So this may be the result of the cold not allowing the penis to "hang loose." In Africa, the penis "hangs loose" more freely.

    The reason that penis size correlates with IQ within the sub groups, is due to the smartest and most sexually endowed men dominating that ethno-cultural system. But on the macro scale, penis size is correlated with climate.

  11. Anonymous3:35 PM

    I just figured it was because lower-IQ figured if they lied, somebody would find out.

  12. Does anyone measure their penis? If not, how do those surveyed know the answer? So it's a question of whether those with a high IQ would estimate an larger number. Seems there might be many biases here.

  13. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Gay men have bigger penises than straight males. A study 10 years ago found gay men have about a 1/2 inch in length and about a 1/3 inch in girth more penis than straight males.

  14. The differences in penis size given there are much greater than differences in height, so it can't just be that. In fact, I would say that given how small a sample size we have here, none of the four variables PENIS SIZE, HEIGHT, IQ, LATITUDE really show any meaningful correlation.

    And I dont trust the penis measurements; they seem too random. French men are 20% longer than English and Irish? It's gotta be down to the phenomenon of some men feeling more inadequate than others, and thus inflating their measurements. Besides, there was a gihugeous study over the Internet which showed Americans (both black and white) having longer self-reported measurements than all of these Euro countries, and if you want to count the one study then you should probably count the other.

  15. Anonymous1:53 AM

    Measuring instructions used can be found here. (In German)
    When I printed the file the scale was not accurate at all. There may be a difference in the settings of PDF files or printers in different countries which may bring in inaccuracies into the study. Since I don't understand German I relied on google translator.

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