Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mormons and illegal immigration: I wrote in an earlier post about how pro-Hispanic Mormons are because of their religious belief that Amerindians are a special people. Over at Gene Expression, Razib links to a map which shows that there is only one state in the Union that had two Republican senators vote for the amnesty bill: Utah.

I imagine that Idaho relies more on illegals to do agricultural work than Utah, yet both Republican senators from the Potato State managed to vote against the bill. Friendly message to Mormon folks: you don't have to bring Mexicans here to turn them into converts. Mexico is a bit dry in parts, but they have enough water for baptisms down there.


  1. Random Guy4:20 PM

    I'm a Mormon (though I live in California). Most Mormons are furious about illegal immigration. I don't really know why the Senators voted as they did, but two senators do not constitute a scientific sample of Mormon opinion.

  2. random guy: I'm sure Mormons dislike illegal immigration (although I bet CA members are more that way than UT members). They are, after all, conservatives, and no conservative likes that kind of lawlessness. But it's clear that many members have a soft spot for Hispanics. Many members ARE Hispanic. Utah allows illegals to pay in-state tuition, for example.

  3. Old Pete12:09 PM

    The map is wrong. The table at the top of the map is correct: seven republicans voted for cloture. The map, however, shows nine solid red dots.

    The seven republicans who voted for cloture are:

    Graham (SC)
    Hagel (NE)
    Lugar (IN)
    Martinez (FL)
    McCain (AZ)
    Specter (PA)
    Voinovich (OH)

    Both Hatch and Bennett voted against cloture.

  4. ole pete: Thanks for straightening that out. Let me add that Bennett and Hatch had 2 bad weeks of voting on amendents prior to the cloture vote. They only did the right thing because of pressure.

  5. old pete8:35 PM

    Ron: I agree about Hatch and Bennett. I was especially surprised that Hatch voted against cloture. He seems to spend most of his time sucking up to Teddy Kennedy.

    Another surprising vote against was Trent Lott. I don't think he was too happy that the peasants back home in Mississippi had the gall to ask him to actually vote the way the vast majority of them wanted him too. Why the nerve of those people!


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