Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Jewish attitudes: I don't have time for a long post, so I'll skip the intro and the discussion and simply give you the meat. As usual, the percentages are calculated from General Social Survey data, a nationally representative sample of Americans.

Update: I've added more questions and have included numbers for "elites." An elite is someone with occupational prestige score in the top 10 percent. Warning: the sample sizes for elite Jews are dangerously low.

Percent agreeing

Americans should follow the decisions of international organizations (strongly agree)
Elite Jews 22.0
All elite Americans 6.0
Jews 6.5
All Americans 4.7

Stay out of international affairs
Elite Jews 9.1
All elite Americans 17.0
Jews 14.0
All Americans 32.3

Get out of the UN
Elite Jews 2.9
All elite Americans 6.8
Jews 10.9
All Americans 15.7

Extremely proud to be American
Elite Jews 38.5
All elite Americans 37.7
Jews 48.7
All Americans 47.1

Identify mainly with ethnic group instead of just being an American
Jews 6.2
All Americans 5.5

Ethnicity is important to a sense of who you are
Jews 65.0
All Americans 58.4

Minorities must adapt to the culture (strongly agree)
Elite Jews 12.5
All elite Americans 14.0
Jews 10.4
All Americans 15.2

Feel very warm toward whites
Elite Jews 25.0
All elite Americans 33.0
Jews 47.8
All Americans 34.8

English should be the official language
Elite Jews 77.8
All elite Americans 75.9
Jews 66.7
All Americans 62.7

Immigrants improve American society
Elite Jews 100.0
All elite Americans 69.0
Jews 90.6
All Americans 57.0

Immigration should be decreased
Jews 38.0
All Americans 55.1

Immigration makes Americans lose jobs
Elite Jews 55.5
All elite Americans 48.5
Jews 45.7
All Americans 60.0

Immigration will affect American unity (very likely)
Jews 21.9
All Americans 28.4

The ethnic changes to be seen in the next 25 years are a good thing
Elite Jews 22.9
All elite Americans 30.0
Jews 36.1
All Americans 25.9

Like Israel very much
Elite Jews 39.4
All elite Americans 9.3
Jews 60.8
All Americans 11.7


  1. What happens when you correct for education, income, IQ, etc.?

  2. This meat is old, and why are the numbers off compared to the "Ethnicity is important to a sense of who you are" response of 65% vs the last poll which asked a very similar question and only a response of 35%. Explain.

  3. rokr: In this post, the numbers indicate how many people think their ethnicity is either "important" or "very important". In the last post, it was only those who answered "very important."

  4. jewish atheist: I added estimates for elites, but the sample sizes very small. Maybe I'll conduct a multivariate analysis if I get time.

  5. Anonymous3:26 PM

    I'm curious as to what constitutes an "Elite Jew"

  6. Anon: Jews with occupational prestige scores in the top ten percent.

  7. Thanks, helpful stuff.

  8. I found it interesting that on the "warmness to whites" question the lowest result was from elite jews and the highest was from all jews. Prestige really does a number on that one for them, as the reduction for all vs elite americans was only 1 percentage point.

  9. Anonymous10:24 AM

    "Anon: Jews with occupational prestige scores in the top ten percent. "

    Top 10% of Jews or top 10% of all Americans?

    I would guess that 40% or so of American Jews are in the top 10% of occupational prestiges scores.

    On the other hand, I would guess that being in the top 10% of Jews for occupational prestige means that you are in the top 2% or so for the USA in general and are almost certainly a doctor, an attorney, a CEO, or a high ranking government official.

    So it makes a difference.

  10. Anon: Elite Jews are those in the general top ten percent. And you're close: about 1/3 of Jews fall into this category.

  11. "The ethnic changes to be seen in the next 25 years are a good thing
    Elite Jews 22.9
    All elite Americans 30.0
    Jews 36.1
    All Americans 25.9"

    I bet most of those "All Americans" are minorities. I suspect for "White Americans" the percentage would be 5-10%, significantly less than that for Jews.

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