Friday, June 22, 2007

I bet you've got some boring, run-of-the-mill hero like Superman, right? Mine is Lou Frickin' Dobbs. Check out his interview with 60 Minutes.


  1. His wife is Mexican, yet that doesn't seem to stop liberals from accusing guy of being a racist and xenophobe all the time.

  2. george11:16 AM

    No, wonder they can't blend in. It's the way they think, that's the problem. I mean when I walk into a room, I can immediatly spot a black or mexican person.

    I encounter irish, welsh, and french people all the time, and they all blend together so beautifully, I'm not sure why, but they all just appear, to be together. It's no wonder that there is little ethnic identity among us.

    Both the mexicans and blacks have been welcomed in america for a hundreds of years, they've even been voting for tens of years. Why they should see themselves, this way when America sees both of them as nothing but equal, and has welcomed them with open arms.

    When, if ever, will they join us and just be right?


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