Friday, June 22, 2007

Mex-Ams are tied to their group almost as much as blacks: The General Social Survey asked a large sample of Americans if their ethnic group was important to who they are. Here is the percent of each group that answered "very important":

Black 66.7
Mexican 58.3
American Indian 41.5
Jews 35.4
Polish 27.3
Italian 24.9
Scottish 23.5
German 23.5
Irish 22.9
English/Welsh 22.2
French 16.7

Mex-Ams are almost as ethnocentric as blacks! And they totally outdo American Indians and Jews. Hundreds of years in America hasn't fully assimilated blacks and Indians: how long will it take Mexicans who receive fresh blood from the Old Country every day, and when they do assimilate, it's often toward black ghetto norms?


  1. I suspect from personal experience that Irish Catholics are more ethnocentric than "22.9". I looked at the "Irish" in the GSS data and found that about 50% of the "Irish" are protestant. Perhaps Scots-Irish who are "really" English-Welsh or Scottish.

    So maybe you might want to calculate the ethnocentricity for the Catholics and Protestants separately.

    Robert Hume

  2. george3:43 PM

    No, wonder they can't blend in. It's the way they think, that's the problem. I mean when I walk into a room, I can immediatly spot a black or mexican person.

    I encounter irish, welsh, and french people all the time, and they all blend together so beautifully, I'm not sure why, but they all just appear, to be together. It's no wonder that there is little ethnic identity among us.

    Both the mexicans and blacks have been welcomed in america for a hundreds of years, they've even been voting for tens of years. Why they should see themselves, this way when America sees both of them as nothing but equal, and has welcomed them with open arms.

    When, if ever, will they join us and just be right?


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