Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Obama, the Mexican irredentist

President Obama excites the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute with his claim that Mexicans were here long before America was even an idea. (The meeting of the Congressional White Caucus Institute was held down the hall). Let's set aside the fact that Mexico didn't declare independence from Spain until 1810. (If Palin had said it, it would be used as proof that she's an idiot). 

Obama's words here work to undermine the legitimacy of the United States. He says that many peoples have occupied these lands. Americans are simply one of a long list. According to him, the only thing that binds us together and gives the U.S. any moral claim is government commitment to equal outcomes and opportunity. He's trying to generate Hispanic turnout in November, so "opportunity" means the right to immigrate as much as anything else. If we don't keep the country's doors wide open and use government to impose equality, America loses it raison d'etre

It sounds like he's implying that if America were to become skeptical about immigration and indifferent to equal outcomes, the country would have no particular value, and the land might as well be occupied by some other random people, say, the Chinese. What a wonderful man we have in the Oval Office. 

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  1. I swear, the guy actually makes me want to gag--the nose, chin in the air, the dramatic pauses...all so contrived.

    Even should he say something that might make sense or that might be important, I fear I can't hear him anymore for his affectation.


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