Sunday, September 19, 2010

Educational level and dislike of Jews among Muslims

In the last post, a reader suggested I look at the relationship between education and disliking Jews among Muslims. Terrorists make it seem like it's educated Muslims who are most likely to be extremists.

The numbers below are the percentage of Muslims (from many countries) who say they would not want to have a Jewish neighbor. I also included percentages by sex and age.
Percent who do not want a Jewish neighbor (sample size = 9,220)

Educational level
Lower 39.7
Middle 32.4
Upper 29.6

Men 34.6
Women 35.8

15-29 36.4
30-49 34.5
50 plus 34.6

Educated Muslims are least likely to dislike Jews. Attitudes do not vary much across gender or age.


  1. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Hello, You could probe the same number in a country like Poland and see the results...

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  5. Arab countries are stifled under secular pro-western backward, divisive dictatorial authoritarian repressive western-supported regimes that want to keep arabs weak, divided and backward.
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