Friday, September 17, 2010

Who likes Jews less: religious or secular Muslims?

One gets the impression from terrorists that, among Muslims, dislike for outgroups grows with religiosity. But what does the data tell us?

Muslims around the world who participated in the World Values Survey were given a list of various groups and were asked if they would not want a member of any of the groups as a neighbor. Here are the percentages who said they do not want a Jewish neighbor by religious service attendance:

Percent of Muslims not wanting a Jewish neighbor (sample size = 9,363)

Never attends 45.7
Less than once a year 29.6
Once a year 24.3
Only on special holidays 29.2
Once a month 29.5
Once a week 36.0
More than once a week 33.9 

Secular Muslims like Jews the least, although dislike rises a little among highly religious folks.


  1. You'd need to control for education here.
    Many lower-end non-Arab Muslims around the world simply don't give a damn about Israel/Palestine and the Jews. They're just not very aware of it.

  2. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Secular or another word for ignorant or at least not informed...


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