Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Religious affiliation and sexual intercourse among white teens

White adolescent participants in the ADD Health Study were asked: "Have you ever had sexual intercourse? When we say sexual intercourse, we mean when a male inserts his penis into a female's vagina."

Here are the percentages who answered yes by religious affiliation (sample size = 4,180, mean age is 15.0):

Percent of teens who have had sex

No religion 47.1*
Pentecostal 42.0*
Baptist 40.6*
Methodist 33.7
Catholic 32.7
Disciples of Christ 31.6
Presbyterian 30.6
Lutheran 30.5
Episcopal 28.2
Jewish 27.8
Mormon 21.4

* significantly higher than Mormons

Those with no religion are most likely to report sexual intercourse.  Compared to Mormons, their rate is 2.2 times higher.


  1. Anonymous11:26 PM

    I am assuming that atheist was not a choice/category. Some have noted that atheists are quite different from "no religion".

  2. Right--there is no atheist category.

  3. Sgt. Joe Friday7:06 AM

    Ah yes, but by the time they get to college the Catholic girls seem to be the most fun-loving...if you get my drift. At least that was my experience 30+ years ago.

  4. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Somebody is running game in the back of those church pews. Wow. Pehraps Hollywood should stop making fun of Babtists for being so tightly-wound.

  5. Is there a way of getting an honest answer about sexual history from a 15 year old?


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