Saturday, April 17, 2010

Political news dummies

Pew recently asked 1,003 adults 12 questions about political news information. Here are the percent who answered each correctly:

Let's look at the percent answering correctly two of the most "difficult" questions.

The political news dummies: women, blacks, young adults, folks with no more than a high-school degree, and Democrats. And the overall score:

Same pattern. You can add low-income folks to the list as well.

How about you can't vote without at least a passing grade?  I have low standards.


  1. Thanks.

    First time I've seen Independents doing almost as well as Republicans.

    By the way, were these multiple choice questions? If so, how many choices were offered? We could reduce the % right for people guessing.

  2. Cordelia2:03 PM

    I got 11 out of 12. Do I get a cookie? :-)

  3. Noah Nehm11:15 AM

    I got 11 out of 12. Do I get a cookie? :-)

    You did when your browser visited this page...


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