Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The GSS vocabulary test

Via a reader at iSteve, it looks like this might be the vocabulary test used by the General Social Survey. (Someone please tell me if I'm wrong).

A. SPACE 1. school 2. noon 3. captain 4. room 5. board 6. don’t know

B. BROADEN 1. efface 2. make level 3. elapse 4. embroider 5. widen 6. don’t know

C. EMANATE 1. populate 2. free 3. prominent 4. rival 5. come 6. don’t know

D. EDIBLE 1. auspicious 2. eligible 3. fit to eat 4. sagacious 5. able to speak 6. don’t know

E. ANIMOSITY 1. hatred 2. animation 3. disobedience 4. diversity 5. friendship 6. don’t know

F. PACT 1. puissance 2. remonstrance 3. agreement 4. skillet 5. pressure 6. don’t know

G. CLOISTERED 1. miniature 2. bunched 3. arched 4. malady 5. secluded 6. don’t know

H. CAPRICE 1. value 2. a star 3. grimace 4. whim 5. inducement 6. don’t know

I. ACCUSTOM 1. disappoint 2. customary 3. encounter 4. get used to 5. business 6. don’t know

J. ALLUSION 1. reference 2. dream 3. eulogy 4. illusion 5. aria 6. don’t know

UPDATE: FYI, the mean score in 2008 was 6.29 for whites, 4.99 for blacks, and 5.56 for Hispanics born in this country.


  1. I believe the isteve commenter is correct.

    This book gives the word list while apparently mentioning GSS WORDSUM averages.

    This book contains the identical introduction and example, and the following:

    "Because the National Opinion Research Center uses this set of words in other surveys, we will not list the specific words here."

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  2. Yeah, that's the list. I have a couple of dissertations that have some item level info. E.g. there are four levels of item difficulty. Here are the average correct responses:

    Level 1: Edible (96.2%), Broaden (96.1%).

    Level 2: Space (84.4%), Pact (84%), Accustom (82.1%), Animosity (77.9%).

    Level 3: Cloistered (38.6%), Caprice (35.3%).

    Level 4: Emanate (28.7%), Allusion (25.7%).

  3. Excuse me, 'emanate' is actually 26.7%.

  4. How to translate the correct answers to IQ ?

  5. If 1 in 4 got level 4 correct then it seems the maximum measurable IQ isn't very high. 1 sigma?

  6. Only 5.7% of the sample score a 10/10. A perfect score translates into an IQ of 125, so one problem with the measure is that people with actual IQs above 125 are assigned a score of 125.

    1. Considering that IQ scores over about 140 are increasingly meaningless, how is this a problem?

    2. That elevated subset of society is unfortunately insignificant in their occurrence, though disproportionately impactful in politics.

  7. I'm surprised by how easy that test is.

    1. Oh man! I guess you don't teach undergraduates.

  8. Thanks.

    Might be a good idea to put the actual list of questions below the fold since apparently they re-use the same words every year to maintain continuity of scores.

  9. Any time constraints on the test?

  10. Anonymous5:56 AM

    I got 9 out of ten easily. The hardest one for me is Space, which I am guessing the correct answer is room, as in space for rent/ room for rent. Is this correct? I have to admit that if it right I strictly came to it by the process of elimination.

  11. Only tangentially related, but I looked into the relation of WORDSUM and HAPPY, including (at the suggestion of a reader) when controlling for ANXIOUS.

  12. Damn I scored a perfect 10.

  13. Disappointed in GSS3:47 AM

    It disappoints me to see that on a simple 10 question multiple choice definition test that we do such violence to meaning as to suggest that "to emanate" means the same thing as "to come."

    Come is only barely reasonable given the other choices. But anyone using emanate to mean "come" would be rightfully laughed at by anyone who actually understands how to use the word.

    1. Anonymous9:21 AM

      I believe the directions state to pick the word that is closest to the meaning.

  14. 10/10 of course.

    As for the annoying definitions of "space" and "emanate", I assume that's part of the test. I don't mean to try and misdirect you purposefully but to see if you can work out definitionally what they're looking for based on the choices.

    Anyhow, I found a more thorough test (but lack data on precise IQ correlations) at www.eskimo.com/~miyaguch/schmies.html which apparently is passed around at super high IQ gatherings. Bear in mind that it's fair to guess when you don't know and that's already built in to your relative score but don't let that disillusion you about the tests's efficiency. The odds of a 107 scorer and a 117 scorer having the same IQ but one having better luck at guessing is very very small.

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  17. Anonymous11:54 PM

    Actually, IQ tests don't have anything to do with your vocabulary. If you're taking an actual IQ test, there's no way this quiz will translate in any way.

  18. I'm 16, and I got a perfect ten, though I must agree with some of the previous commentors on the glaringly obvious fact that the words "emanate" and "space" have "correct answers" here that are either grossly inadequate to address the meaning thereof, or simply mundane and rudimentary at best.

  19. Even Steven10:26 AM

    Actually, space can mean room, as in, "Make room for another person."

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