Monday, December 07, 2009

Aversion to marriage

Who is more averse to the institution of marriage--men or women?

The General Social Survey asked 164 white never-married respondents ages 18-49 would they want to get married if the right person came along. Twenty-eight percent of men said no, while only 13 percent of  women said the same. The difference is statistically significant.

Young adults might not have anything against marriage but feel they are too young to marry. If we limit the sample to only those ages 30 to 49, 22 percent of men are not interested in marriage, compared to only 7 percent of women.


  1. Totally predictable. This is what you get in a culture that: laughs at the idea of religion and marriage having anything to do with each other; no longer shames those who divorce (and in fact prefers those divorced multiple times to those never married); has universally available no-fault divorce; disproportionately rewards one sex (the female) for cashing out of marriage. Women receive the children in 90% of divorces in America. About 95% of alimony is going to women, even though, in around 40% of households, women are the primary breadwinners.

    Why would a man want to get married in today's America? Similar problems exist in most of the West. I myself am leaning towards children at some point, but in America, a man does not own his children. They are simply on loan from the government and his wife. Many men have to learn this the hard way, unfortunately.

    I personally think this all part of the plan of soft genocide and race replacement in the West. Cause disunion amongst the sexes: the birth rate goes down for everyone except the high fertility immigrants and proles supported by everyone else. Divide and conquer.

  2. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Quality of men hasn't fallen as much as the quality of women, so no surprise fewer men are interested in making a huge commitment to these low quality women when he can have several for no commitment.

  3. From Anakin Niceguy:

    "Seven years ago the CDC conducted a study on people and their desire to get married. Do you know which gender agreed more with the statement, "It is better to get married than to go through life being single"? The men. Even among conservative protestants, the breakdown was roughly 68% men vs. 59% women."

    The study is here.


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