Monday, September 28, 2009

Growing introversion: Here are America's mean introversion scores over four decades:

Mean introversion score

Seventies 13.8
Eighties 14.0
Nineties 14.1
This decade 14.2*

* p < .05, two-tail test, compared with the seventies

The country has gradually gotten a bit more introverted. This might be due to increasing numbers of Asians and Hispanics. (Immigrants in general tend to be more introverted).


  1. Do introverted people bowl alone?

  2. "Respondents were asked how often they: 1) visit neighbors, 2) visit friends outside of the neighborhood, and 3) go to a bar."

    Bowery beat me to it, but I don't think introversion is increasing, so much as social isolation.

    Might want to check if local diversity and "introversion" have an association in the GSS.

  3. Interesting finding.

    Electronic media makes self-entertainment more feasible.


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