Friday, May 02, 2008

Why feminism kills babies (beyond having gotten abortion legalized): I don't have to tell you that the 48.6 million U.S. abortions since 1973 were made possible by Roe v. Wade, which was a Supreme Court decision aimed at advancing the rights of women--that much is obvious. It is also clear that feminists have fought for policies which maximize access to an abortion. But less well known is that feminism raises the risk that a women will have an unwanted pregnancy and, if pregnant, will decide that an abortion is the right choice to make.

I was curious about the predictors of abortion and ran across a research article in Family Planning Perspectives (Early predictors of nonmarital first pregnancy and abortion. By: Udry, J. Richard, Kovenock, Judith, Morris, Naomi M., Family Planning Perspectives, May/Jun96, Vol. 28, Issue 3). The sample was of 351 young white women from the San Francisco area. They focused on non-marital births and abortions by unmarried women (82% of all abortions are to single women).

So what predicted having an illegitimate child, and then an abortion? For having a non-marital birth, it was: 1) wanting freedom and not wanting to be tied down; 2) having boyish characteristics; 3) feeling that obeying laws is not important; and 4) feeling comfortable as a child arguing with her father. For having an abortion, it was: 1) being a good student; 2) having a well educated mother; 3) small family size; and 4) feeling that obeying laws is not important.

The picture here is of a girl who comes from a libertine, feminist home. Part of what is going on here is the idea that, hey this girl is going somewhere, and we can't let a little thing like a baby get in the way of Angel conquering the world.

Feminists have pushed abortion rights, and have pushed girls to get abortions, and so 50 million people never got a chance to live.

(By the way, Levitt, it is unlikely that these babies would have turned out to be losers).


  1. It is, however, very likely that they would have turned out much like their parents. And voted accordingly.

    If people who have abortions are "bad" in some respect, it's to your advantage that they not raise children to carry on their legacy.

  2. One of the black "comedies" of recent politics is the unholy alliance between the Christian Right and the Republican Party which has decimated the middle class and, in so doing, put enormous pressure on women to enter the work place hence abort the few "unwanted" children they might accidentally conceive -- well -- all except for the one "fashionable" child ala the Chelsea.

  3. Jim's right. The lousy economy for the working and middle classes has hurt fertility; who wants to have kids they can't afford?

    BTW, as Jason says, smart successful women probably lean to the left. You may be in a tradeoff between IQ and paleo-friendliness; the smartest strategy is to restrict immigration, both from nonproductive low-IQ groups and from highly productive high-IQ groups that shift the country left. (The cat's out of the bag with Jews--you're not likely to be able to persuade the country to execute a second Holocaust--but you could clamp down on Asian immigration.)

  4. assetmgmt4:06 PM

    >>...and so 50 million people never got a chance to live.

    This is a little too facile. My sense is, that without legalized abortion, there would have been far fewer than 50 million *conceptions*. Without the escape of abortion, people would have been more careful with contraception or abstained from sex altogether.


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