Thursday, May 29, 2008

Which American ethnic group has the bitchiest women? I can't think of a perfect measure of the concept (input would be helpful) but as a first stab at it, I analyzed the answers given by 1,085 women (General Social Survey) to the question about if they considered themselves to be soft-hearted. I reversed the means to show that high scores indicate not being nice. They are listed below:

Mean meanness score

Mexican 1.06
Italian .80
Blacks .76
Norwegian .75

All American women .70

Irish .69
Jewish .68
English/Welsh .64
French .61
German .58
Scots .59
American Indian .49
Poles .48

Overall SD .97

I've sensed a stereotype that Hispanic women are sweeties, but Mex-Ams are at the top of the mean list. The meanest secretary I know is Mexican, and I dated a Ecuadorian girl once who was pure bitch. Black and Italian women I have known have not seemed particularly nice, and Scandanavians seem a bit chilly. The Slavic women I'm familiar with, on the other hand, are strong but kind (in spite of the one Cate Blanchett plays in the latest Indiana Jones movie!).


  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Hmmm....based on the people I've dealt with, it makes sense. However, the Italian result surprised me though. Most Italian women I've personally dealt with are really sweet. The Polish result, however, seems right on the money.

  2. I can't think of a perfect measure of the concept (input would be helpful)

    Here's some related questions:

    BEPLESNT: I try to be pleasant so that others won't get upset.

    SHOWANGR: When I'm angry I let people know.

    BIG5B2: Tends to find fault with others

    CHNANG10: yelled or hit something to let out my pent-up feelings

  3. Jason: Thanks, that's a big help.

  4. Other questions that might gauge narcissism (or humility):

    KINDPERS: R is a kind person


    NOTUPSET: I often don't tell my friends something that I think will upset them

    SELFLESS: I feel a selfless caring for others

    SELFFRST: People need to look after
    themselves and not overly worry about others

    SELFIRST: You have to take care of yourself first, and if you have any energy left over, then help other people.

  5. What about Asians?

    "Hey! Rip my stockings!"

  6. Anonymous12:46 AM

    I'd expect Asian and Eastern European women to be low on the list. The further East from Vienna, the passion cools.

    Italian women are passionate, I love that! Don't forget, there's two sides to a coin. A passionate women may be more mean on average, but she's probably more extrovert on all categories.

    I have once dated a half-black women and she was a bitch alright -- and a loon too. My God, I almost wished I was gay to put an end to the nonsense of dating ungrateful bitches. Yet, most of my experiences with black girls are actually quite positive, I find them often very engaging and good humored. Always upbeat, I like that.

  7. agnostic: There aren't many cases, but if I combine Chinese, Japanese, and Filipinas (N = 18) their score is .72 which puts them a bit above average in bitchiness. Like with Latinas, their small size might suggest sweetness, but several men have told me that their Asian wives are difficult.

  8. roissy2:08 PM

    i wrote a dating guide to foreign girls and the two polish girls i dated were indeed sweeter, kinder and more softly romantic than all the others.


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