Friday, September 29, 2006

Poor, poor pear farmers: I just watched a story on CNN of northern Californian pear farmers whose crop is rotting on the ground because border control efforts have stopped illegal migrant workers. The story was designed to elicit sympathy for these poor, honest farmers. I say serves you right: you got it coming when you make your living off of illegality, and when you impose all the costs of illegals on your neighbors.


  1. I suspect that the pear harvest was so abundant this year that it doesn't pay to harvest some of it, so the cheap labor lobby is using this as a visual for how we desperately need more illegals or we'll never eat a pear again.

    Does anybody know what has happened to the price of pears? Are they going up like the propaganda implies, or are they low this year?

  2. Did the number of illegals decrease? Since I haven't seen that reported, I'm with Steve and suspecting that someone is blowing smoke


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