Saturday, July 21, 2012

Straight vs. lesbian families

Here is a nice table from the study in Social Science Research I mentioned before showing different outcomes for people raised in lesbian vs. straight homes:


  1. Anonymous1:14 PM

    It should be kept in mind that most of the children raised by the lesbian parent weren't raised in a stable 2-lesbian parent home since infancy, unlike the heterosexual comparison group. William Saletan interpreted this study as a good justification for gay marriage.

    I wouldn't entirely rule out the possibility that all things equal, being raised by 2 heterosexual parents is preferable to 2 homosexual parents. Though from my hereditarian perspective, my contention is that genes are way more important when it comes to influencing outcomes in adult life. Preventing low-IQ, high-time preference, low-conscientiousness people from breeding will probably go a lot further in reducing pain and suffering in this world than preventing homosexuals and lesbians access to adoption, surrogate pregnacy and IVF ever will.


  2. B.B. --

    From a "hereditarian perspective" it seems very likely that people fare far better when raised by people who have a biological relationship to them.

    Maybe my heart is small but I would go much farther for my biological children than for anyone else.

    One likely issue that the Regnerus study shows is that people just aren't able to care as much, on average, for their non-biological children. I would feel that way personally.

    If your biological child is messing up or suffering, your hair may go gray or fall out, the bond is that strong. They are your own flesh and blood. Huge difference.

  3. Lesbians don't matter. I don't like lesbians as a whole because as Stever Sailer has pointed out lesbians are rather unlikeable. Whereas gay men are quite likeable even if you find the idea of gay male sex repulsive.

    Normal men often find lesbian pornography attractive. A lot of female golfers are also lesbians I'm told. Other than these two connections most people will have no contact or knowledge of lesbianism.

    Lesbians just don't show up on my radar. I can't remember a Fox News flash story about lesbians. I don't think many people are very interested.

    Gay males are down at the bath houses every night spreading disease. They are marching the streets in bare assed jeans and posing for the tour busses. Gay men are "in your face".

    But lesbians are home doing whatever it it is that they do. Lesbians are boring.

    My guess is that your figures are badly confounded with class. As far as I know there are lesbians in all social classes. Your self identified lesbians seem to be of a distinctly lower class stripe.

    My guess is that the lesbian professionals and managers were not picked up in your figures. But then again. Who cares?


  4. Anonymous6:56 PM

    And, how's your research into that parasite that causes male homsex doing, Albertosaurus?

  5. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Normal men often find lesbian pornography attractive

    I wonder what percentage of lesbians in "lesbian pornography" are actually lesbians? Ten percent?

    I think men who are attracted to lesbians are Darwin Award winners. Why not be attracted to your Labrador? The dog is a lot more likely to have sex with you.

  6. Anonymous2:34 PM

    William Saletan interpreted this study as a good justification for gay marriage.

    Is there anything which Saletan could not interpret as a good justification for gay marriage?

    When you already know the "correct" answer to a question, it's easy to "interpret" the data so as to arrive at that answer.

  7. Anonymous8:35 PM

    While social science suggests that peer group has a huge influence over outcomes, the parents and their behavior is really the driving force in providing the peer group.

    An affluent couple living in an affluent neighborhood send their children to an affluent school with other affluent kids. The odds of such a child falling in with kids of a much lower socioeconomic class is greatly reduced by the environment in which the parents placed him.

    When I taught, I knew two teenaged boys with lesbian parents. They kind of latched onto me and through conversation with them throughout the school year, what I learned is that they craved a male presence. They seemed to love their mothers from all I could tell, but it became clear that their world was all women and I do mean ALL women.

    The mothers of the first boy (a really sweet but pitiful kid who suffered from learning disabilities and awful migraines and who was often w/out his meds for those migraines) were biker dykes. They took off often on weekends to ride those bikes and left him home. When they were home, the house was full of dykes working on bikes.

    The other kid had few problems but the male teachers in the wing talked about how he tried his best to hang out with them in their rooms during lunch. He was liked by kids but seemed to have no close friend with whom to eat and instead sought adult male relationships with his male teachers. It seems perfectly reasonable to me to assume he too lived in an environment of all women and he craved a relationship with father figures.

    Of course, many kids from straight divorce face the same lack of a parent of one sex, but many children of divorce do have the opportunity to develop a relationship with each parent.

    Lesbians don't have men around nor do gays have women around and children raised by them will be missing something important in modeling.

    These boys grow up not having seen the skills of fathering.

    I hold the same view about gay men raising children.

  8. Some of the more responsible gays will pick a 'parent' of the other sex to help them raise the kids (in some cases, this may be an opposite-sex gay couple).

    I doubt it's quite as good as a normal M-F couple, and a lot of them aren't that responsible, but it is something people do...

  9. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Why straight family again? I mean yes there's a man and a woman but it seems patriarchal (reproductive heterosexuality).

    Why not call it patriarchal family?

    I mean there are two types of straight parents: religious patriarchs (reproductive) vs. secular feminists (recreational).

    The majority of straight families which are broken up or illegitimate (single parenthood, divorced, cohabitation, etc) are feminist or recreational in nature.

    Pretty much the only married father-mother types in the future will be religious patriarchal types.


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